War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0426 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Saturday, February 18.-Left camp 9.30 a.m.; arrived near Oakville 4.30 p.m.; distance, 9.42 miles; weather fine; roads good. We finished crossing river to-day. One division of pontoon train ordered to march with us. Fifteenth Corps occupy Columbia; we understand they found a great deal of war material, and nearly burnt the whole town.

Sunday, February 19.-Left camp 11 a.m.; arrived at Freshly's Ferry 2.30 p.m.; distance, 5.94 miles; weather fine; roads heavy. Disposed of all wall-tents, nothing but flies being used at all headquarters. Fourteenth Corps at Broad River first, and crossing ahead of us, arrived within a mile of river and waited until morning to cross.

Monday, February 20.-Left camp 8.15 a.m.; arrived at Owens" farm 5 p.m.; distance, 12.21 miles; weather fine; roads good. General Jackson with one division crossed river and picketed all roads. General Ward sends one brigade to picket all roads and approaches to bridge till all is crossed, and then one battery protects pontoniers in taking it up. Found on Owens" farm 2,000 bushels of corn and 40 tons of day. Crossed Little River to-day.

Tuesday, February 21.-Left camp at 8.30 a.m.; arrived at Beaver Dam Creek, near Winnsborough, 5 p.m.; distance, 11.20 miles; weather fine and pleasant; roads good but hilly. Arrived in Winnsborough at 11 a.m.; and found the town already in possession of foragers (bummers) of the Fourteenth and Twentieth Corps, who had plundered it and burned part of it, all of whom, who were caught, were placed under arrest. The Fourteenth Corps arrived at town simultaneously with ourselves. We marched through and camped on the side about four miles.

Wednesday, February 22.-Left camp at 8 a.m.; arrived at Rocky Mount Post-Office 5.30 p.m.; distance, 17.17 miles; weather cloudy; roads bad and hilly. General Sherman joined the corps to- day. Camped half a mile from Wateree River. One of our men belonging to corps supply train found the bodies of two of our soldiers lying in the woods murdered.

Thursday, February 23.-Left camp 9 a.m.; arrived at Colonel Ballard's farm at 1 p.m.; distance, 5.30 miles; weather cloudy, rain during night; roads hilly. Commenced crossing Catawba River at 6 a.m. Obtaining a great many mules and horses now.

Friday, February 24.-Left camp 8.30 a.m.; arrived at Hilliard's plantation 11 a.m.; distance, 2.87 miles; weather, raining hard all day; roads very bad; 11 a.m. met Seventeenth Corps on a road intersecting ours, causing us to camp. Corduroying every foot we came to-day.

Saturday, February 25.-In camp all day; weather showery. Third Division corduroying road ahead.

Sunday, February 26.-Left camp 8 a.m.; arrived at Hanging Rock Post-Office 2.30 p.m.; distance, 10.12 miles; weather fine; roads corduroyed. Marching since noon toward Camden.

Monday, February 27.-Left camp 10.15 a.m.; arrived at Hanging Rock Creek 11.30 a.m.; distance, 2.36 miles; weather fine; roads very bad-hilly. Crossed Hanging Rock Creek and ascended a steep, rocky, muddy hill; going into camp on north side of creek.

Tuesday, February 28.-Left camp 8 a.m.; arrived at Horton's Store 2.30 p.m.; distance, 10 miles; weather, raining; roads very bad. Wagons constantly getting stalled. Captured a perambulating bank from Camden in three wagons.

Wednesday, March 1.-Left camp at 8 a.m.; arrived near Lynch's Creek 2.15 p.m.; distance, 9.22 miles; weather cloudy; roads good,