War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0397 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Immediately on the receipt of your letter of the 26th December last, directing me to call in the chief quartermasters of General Sherman's army for reports of the operations of the Quartermaster's Department on the campaign from Atlanta to Savannah, I called on the chief quartermasters of the two wings and of the different corps for the reports. I have not as yet been able to get reports from either Colonel Conklin, chief quartermaster of the Right Wing, Lieutenant Colonel G. L. Fort or Lieutenant Colonel E. M. Joel, chief quartermasters of the Fifteenth and Seventeenth Army Corps.* My report would have been forwarded sooner had I not waited to get reports from these officers. I have finally concluded to make it without them. I will forward these reports as soon as received.

I inclose you a statement of captured and abandoned animals, marked A. I inclose also the reports of Major G. E. Dunbar, chief quartermaster of the Cavalry corps; Captain J. E. Remington, chief quartermaster (acting) of the Fourteenth Army Corps, and of Captain H. M. Whittelsey, acting chief quartermaster of the Twentieth Army Corps.

I am, general, your obedient servant,


Brevet Brigadier-General, Chief Quartermaster.

A.-Statement of the number of animals captured, abandoned, died, killed, &c., by the army under Major General W. T. Sherman, on the march from Atlanta to Savannah, from November 15 to December 20, 1864.

Captured. Abandoned, died, &c.

Command. Horses Mules. Total. Horses Mules. Total.

Headquarters 3 25 28 4 11 15


Division of



Fourteenth 545 1,402 1,947 310 447 757

Army Corps.

Seventeenth 562 1,064 1,626 (a) (a) (a)

Army Corps.

Fifteenth 506 641 1,147 50 193 243

Army Corps.

Twentieth 410 1,020 1,430 402 524 926

Army Corps.

Cavalry 1,414 773 2, 187 2,343 408 2,751


First 10 5 15 7 20 27



Total. 3,450 4,930 8,380 3,116 1,603 4,719

aNo report.


Brevet Brigadier-General and Chief Quartermaster.

B.-Statement of cattle on hand at Atlanta, captured en route to Savannah, slaughtered, and remaining on hand when army arrived at Savannah, Ga.

Command. On hand. Captured Total. Slaughte Remainin

red. g.

Twentieth 429 2,204 2,633 889 1,744

Army Corps.

Fourteenth 2,047 590 2,637 20 2,617

Army Corps.


Army Corps.

Seventeenth 1,000 10,500 11,500 9,000 2,500

Army Corps.

Total. 3,476 13,294 16,770 9,909 6,861

NOTE.-In addition to this there were about 2,000 in derive not connected with the troops.


Chief Commissary of Subsistence, Colonel and Aide-de-Camp.


*For Fort's report (subsequently received), see Numbers 93, p. 404.