War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0387 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Numbers 29, Quartermaster-General's Office, July 6, 1864, was sent by messenger September 6, 1864.

For the purpose of expediting business and keeping the various operations at this depot distinct from each other, the organization of the several branches, as given below, has been continued during the year. They are as follows:

I. Army-wagon transportation, repair shops, &c., under the personal charge of Bvt. Colonel Charles H. Tompkins, quartermaster.

II. Ocean and river transportation, payments of freight, &c., under the supervision of Captain Edward S. Allen, assistant quartermaster.

III. Chartering and payment of chartered vessels, in charge of Captain John R. Jennings, assistant quartermaster, succeeded by Captain James G. Payne, assistant quartermaster.

IV. contracts for victualing U. S. chartered transports, steam- boat and ship supplies, transportation by canal, &c., under the care of Captain Henry B. Lacey, assistant quartermaster.

V. Railroad transportation, express, &c., under the charge of Captain Benjamin Burton, assistant quartermaster.

VI. Transportation of ordnance and ordnance stores at U. S. Arsenal, in care of Captain Curtis S. Barrett, assistant quartermaster.

VII. Purchase and issue of quartermaster's supplies, interment of deceased soldiers, with the manufacture of coffins, headboards, stoves, tinware, desks, &c.; care of cemeteries at Soldiers" Home, Arlington, Fort Stevens, &c., under the supervision of Captain James M. Moore, assistant quartermaster.

VIII. Receiving and issuing forage, in charge of Captain Edward S. Allen, assistant quartermaster, succeeded by Captain Samuel B. Lauffer, assistant quartermaster.

IX. In charge of Soldiers" Rest, providing meals and quarters for soldiers in transitu, &c., Bvt. Major Erskine M. Camp, assistant quartermaster.

X. In charge of construction and repairs, hiring quarters, grounds, hospitals, offices, wharves, and payment of various employes, Captain Elisha E. Camp, assistant quartermaster, succeeded by Captain John H. Crowell, assistant quartermaster.

XI. Receiving and issuing clothing, camp and garrison equipage, &c., under the direction of Military Store-keeper Daniel G. Thomas.

XII. The branch depot of Alexandria, Va., has been under the supervision of Bvt. Lieutenant Colonel James G. C. Lee, assistant quarter master.

XIII. The following-named officers, in addition, have also been on duty at this depot and Alexandria during the year, or for short periods of it:

(1) Captain Calvin Baker, assistant quartermaster; (2) Captain R. S. Lacey, assistant quartermaster; (3) Captain John V. Furey, assistant quartermaster; (4) Captain Thomas G. Whytal, assistant quartermaster; (5) Captain S. R. Hamill, assistant quartermaster; (6) Captain W. W. Van Ness [assistant quartermaster]; (7) Lieutenant E. R. Graves, Third West Virginia Cavalry; (8) Captain S. W. Hoskins, assistant quartermaster; (9) Captain B. O. Carr, assistant quartermaster; (10) Captain Isaac N. Buck, assistant quartermaster, and (11) Captain James Gilliss, assistant quartermaster, still remaining.

Defense of Washington.-At the commencement of this fiscal year a command of rebel troops invalid Maryland, burned Chambersburg, Pa., and threatened Baltimore. After the battle of Monocacy, in which a portion of the Sixth Army Corps,just arrived, were engaged,