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War Department, upon a credit of two yards from the date of these presents, payable in equal monthly installments, with interest at the rate of 7 3-10 per cent. per annum, within the said two years, either in cash to the disbursing quartermaster of the United States Military Railroads, at his office in Nashville, or to push other disbursing quartermaster as may be designated for this purpose by the War Department, or in transportation of the troops or military supplies of the United States, under the orders of the proper military authorities, at the rates of fare and tolls allowed for such service to Northern railroads; and to the United States the complete and punctual payment as aforesaid of the amounts which may be due for the said materials received or to be received by the from the United States:

Now, therefore, if the said railroad company shall well and truly pay as aforesaid, either in cash, in equal monthly installments, or in transportation as aforesaid, to the United States, within two years from the date of these presents, all that shall be due as aforesaid to the United States on account and in payment for all the materials as aforesaid from the United States, them this obligation shall e void and of no effect.

But if the said railroad company shall fail to pay to the United States all or any portion of what may be due to the United States, on account of the said materials received from the United States, within two years from the date of these to pay any of the monthly installments aforesaid punctually when due, then this obligation shall remain in full force and effect to the extent that may be necessary to full repay to the United States for the full amount which may be due on account of the said materials so received as aforesaid, and all loss or damage which may have been incurred by the United States by reason of the said railroad company's failure to pay for the same, what shall be due therefor, when the same shall be due.

And as further security for such payment and indemnity to the United States, the United States shall have a lien upon the property sold to said company; and in default of such complete and punctual paeys which may be due on account of the aforesaid purchase of materials, be fully authorized to take possession of and sell said property, and also to place in charge and control of the said company's railroad an agent of the said United States, who shall be fully empowered, and by these presents is fully empowered, in case of such default as aforesaid, to collect all the revenues of the said company, and apply the same to the payment to the United States of all the moneys which shall be due at the times of such application of such revenues to the United States for any such materials which shall have been delivered by the United States for any such road company, or by reason of any loss or injury to the United States resulting form such default in payment of the same. And the said company shall have no authority to sell or convey out of its possession, without the consent of the United States, first in writing obtained, any of the property referred to in this agreement, but shall hold and retain the same to the exclusive use of said company, in carrying on the business of transportaand property over its line of road, until the whole is fully paid for as aforesaid.

In witness whereof the corporate seal of said railroad company is affixed hereto, by authority of its directors, and attested by its president.




Wintess: ---- ----.

NOTE.-The amount of this bond to be double to be double the valuation of the property sold and delivered. Internal revenue stamps should be affixed to the amount of fifty cents for every thousand dollars.

Numbers 78. Annual report of Colonel Anson Stager, chief U. S. Military Telegraphs, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1865.*

CLEVELAND, OHIO, September 15, 1865.

Major General M. C. MEIGS,

Quartermaster-General U. S. Army, Washington, D. C.:

GENERAL: In obedience to General Orders, Numbers 39, Quartermaster-General's Department, Washington, D. C., July 1, 1865, I have the


*Another report, containing substantially the same information, was addressed to the Secretary of War September 15, 1865.