War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0357 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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the losses of the war, is published for the information of all officers and agents of the Quartermaster's Department.


Brevet Major-General, U. S. Army, Quartermaster-General.


Washington, D. C., October 14, 1865.

Major General GEORGE H. THOMAS,

Commanding Mil. Div. of the Tennessee, Hdqrs., Nashville, Tenn.:

GENERAL: The provisions and benefits of the Executive order of 8th of August are hereby extended to all railroads within the limits of your command desiring to purchase railroad rolling- stock and material from the United States for the purpose of repairing the losses of the war.

You are also authorized to direct the sale to any such railroads of rolling-stock now within the limits of your command and not needed by the United States for actual use, upon the following conditions, if thy are preferred to the terms of the order of 8th of August, and the individual security required by you under that order.

You will take care that this property is distributed among the several roads in proportion to their actual needs, and that none is sold to any railroad in excess of the reasonable, sale, or hire to other roads.

You will require from all such railroad companies satisfactory bonds, in the form herewith inclosed, binding them to the payment to the United States of the full appraised value of the property sold to them, in equal monthly installments, with interest at the rate of 7.3 per cent. per annum, within two years, credit being allowed to them on the first of each month for any service of military transportation rendered by them during the preceding month, at the established rates now allowed to Norther railroads for such service.

Full reports of all sales under this order will be made to the War Department from time to time, as required by existing orders.

The serviceable railroad iron in possession of the Quartermaster's Department at Chattanooga and Nashville is except. It will be sold only for cash at the princes fixed by the War Department.

By order of the President:


Secretary of War.


Know all men by these presents, that the ---- railroad company, duly incorporated by the act of the ----, of the State of ----, by ----, its president, acting for and in behalf of said railroad company, do hereby acknowledge itself and its successors held and firmly bound unto the United States of America, in the full and just sum of ---- dollars, lawful money of the United States, for which payment,w ell and truly to be made to the disbursing quartermaster of the United States Military Railroads, at his office in Nashville, or to such other disbursing quartermaster as may be designated by the War Department, within two years from the date of these presents, the said railroad company, by its president, hereby binds itself and its successors firmly by these presents.

Sealed with its corporal seal, attested by the signature of its president, and affixed by the express authority of its directors, this ---- day of ----, in the year of our Lordo en thousand eight hundred and sixty ---- (186-).

The nature of the above obligation is such, that whereas the above-bounded railroad company has purchased and received, or shall receive, from the War Department of the United States, rolling-stock, iron rails, cross-ties, chairs, spikes, timber, and other materials for repairing and operating its railroad, in quantities, at prices, and to an amount and value which shall be evidenced be the receipts given for the same by the said railroad company to the proper officer of the said