War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0353 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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steamer, both ocean and river, which, under the new military situation, can be spared, will be discharged immediately.

II. Ocean steamers at distant ports will be loaded with the supplies which are no longer needed at such ports and returned either to the depots of New York or of Washington.

III. Troops under orders to return North will be transported in the returning steamers or in the steamers which are the property of the department.

IV. The chiefs of divisions of this office and the chiefs of the principal depots will immediately report to the Quartermaster- General the extent of the reduction which they are able to make in the force of laborers, operatives, clerks, and agents under their command.

V. It is understood that troops will be made available for most of the work at the depots, and that thus very large reductions in the rolls of employes will be possible.

VI. All railroad construction and repairs, except those needed on lines by which troops are still supplied or by which troops may be marching, will cease.

VII. Construction and extension of all barracks, hospitals, and other buildings will cease, unless authorized upon special report, which, in all cases of necessity, should be made immediately by telegraph.

VIII. Property returns of all property on hand on the 30th of april should be made up immediately and forwarded to this office, with recommendations as to the dispositions to be made thereof, whether to be stored or to be sold, and where to be stored or sold in each case.

IX. The efforts of all officers of this department will be directed to the greatest possible reduction of expenditure consistent with the efficiency and comfort of the troops now about to be withdrawn from active operations in the field.

X. Attention of all officers of the Quartermaster's Department is specially called to paragraphs II and IX, of General Ordes, Numbers 77, which are herewith republished as follows:

II. That the Quartermaster-General discharge all ocean transports not required to bring home troops in remote departments. All river and inland transportation, except that required for necessary supplies to troops in the field. Purchases of horses, mules, wagons, and other land transportation will be stopped; also purchases of forage, except what is required for immediate consumption. All purchases for railroad construction and transportation will also be stopped.

IX. The chiefs of the respective bureaus will immediately cause property returns to be made out of the public property in their charge, and a statement of the property in each that may be sold upon advertisement and public sale without prejudice to the service.


Quartermaster-General, Grevet Major-General.

Numbers 74.


Washington, D. C., April 29, 1865.

The chief of the inspection division will direct the inspectors to visit all depots and posts within their respective districts, and report the reductions which may be possible in expenditure, and make such suggestions therefor as may seem to them necessary.