War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0336 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Since the 30th of June the to 1st of October, 1865, officers of the Quartermaster's Department have gone out of service as follows:

Regulars. Volunteers.

Assistant quartermasters:

Resigned 1 13

Appointments vacated ...... 1

Mustered out ...... 136

Appointments canceled ....... 21

Dismissed ...... 1

Military store-keeper 1 ......




Total 2 172

Aggregate ..... 174


July 1, 1864, to October 1, 1865, 3 ......

resigned, assistant quartermasters of

the Regular Army

Appointments vacated, assistant 2 .......

quartermasters, Regular Army

Dropped from rolls, Regular Army 1 .......

Assistant quartermasters, volunteers:

Resigned ..... 105

Mustered out ..... 162

Appointments vacated ..... 3

Appointments canceled ..... 64

Appointments revoked ..... 9

Appointments declined ..... 2

Dismissed ..... 13

Honorably discharged ...... 4

Died ...... 13

Military store-keepers resigned 1 ......



Aggregate ...... 382

Total 7 375

During the fiscal year there were 460 assignments of officers of the Quartermaster's Department to duty by orders of the War Department, of which we have record; and from July, 1865, October 1, 1865, there were 70 such assignments; in all, 530, including changes of station.


Personal reports for the past year have been rendered more promptly. Also consolidated monthly reports have been rendered by the chief quartermasters of the different departments of all officers serving in the Quartermaster's Department under their direction, as required by circular from this office, dated January 18, 1865.

From these reports much valuable information has been derived. They give the stations of officers and the various duties in which they have been engaged during the previous month, and exhibit all the changes and transfers within the departments during the month, accompanied by copies of department orders pertaining to the Quartermasters" Department.


This division has experienced much difficulty in supplying officers of the Quartermaster's Department with the orders of the War Department and of the Quartermaster-General's Office. Though they have