War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0315 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Numbers 45.-C.-Consolidated statement of the quantity of fuel received issued, and transferred at the depot of Washington by assistant quartermasters since May 1, 1861-Continued.


Abstract. Coal. Wood.

Received: Pounds. Cords.

Abstract D

77.282.913 134.587

Abstract E and N 838.244.176 98.074

Total 915.527.089 232.661

Issued: Abstracts 877.992.141 209.846

R, L and M

I certify that the above statement is as correct a compilation as can be made from reports received at that this office and papers which are now accessible at the depot.


Brevet Major-General and Chief Quartermaster, Depot of Washington.

Numbers 46. QUARTERMASTER-GENERAL'S OFFICE, Washington, D. C., October 16, 1865.

Bvt. Major General M. C. MEIGS,

Quartermaster-General U. S. Army:

GENERAL: In compliance with your circular of July 24, 1865, desiring reports of the operations of the several divisions of this office during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1865, &c., I have the honor to report as to the Sixth Division:

That the most costly structures which have been erected by the Quartermaster's Department during the period above mentioned were for hospital purposes. The most important are hospitals at Indianapolis, Ind.; Newark, N. J.; Worcester, Mass.; Manchester, N. H. ; Baltimore, Md.; Nashville, Tenn., and enlargement of hospital at Hilton Head, S. C.

Under provisions of General Orders, Numbers 24, Quartermaster- General's Office, April 29, 1865, construction and extension of all barracks, hospitals, and other buildings ceased. But few special cases were reported in which continuance of work was ordered under paragraph VII of above -mentioned order.

With the reduction of the troops, hospitals, barracks, &c., were from time to time reported upon as vacant by the chief quartermasters of department or by duly authorized inspectors. recommendations to the Secretary of War for the sale of such public buildings as were no longer required for the service have been made and when authorized, the buildings have been sold at public sale after due notice by advertisement. I proposed to present a tabular statement of the original cost and of the amount received from the sales of public buildings erected during the war, but at present this office, does not possess the requisite data to prepare such a statement.

The attention of the chief quartermasters of militia divisions has been called to the failure no the part of some of their subordinates to comply with the regiments of General Orders, Numbers 3, Quartermaster-General's Office, 1864, and it is that the material for a satisfactory and complete report of all hospitals, barracks, storehouses, &c., may soon be collected, from which an accurate statement of the number, cost, and proceeds of sale of such structures, as