War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0307 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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claimants reside for all additional information which was thought auxiliary to a just decision in each case.

A very large number have been rejected on account of ascertained disloyalty of both claimants and witnesses.

the procurement of supplies for the fiscal year has been made principally by contract at all depots of supplies, except those procured at New York City, up too January 1, 1865, where the quantities required under the exigencies of the service were such as to render it necessary to purchase in open market.

Many purchases have been made by the officers in the field to supply the demand on the march, of which this division has no information, nor can this information be obtained except by examination of all the official returns forwarded to the Quartermaster-General.

The quantities of stationery purchased and used by the Army it is impossible to obtain as all contracts for the same show only the prices of articles, the quantities in all cases to be delivered as required. The official reports of officers receiving the stationery, which are too numerous for examination, are the only data by which it can be gained.

The schedule annexed shows the quantities of forage and fuel delivered on contract, in which the deliveries are specified, and purchases made in open market, not including those made by officers in the field for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1865.

The contracts at all large purchasing depots have been made, in most cases, for quantities to be delivered as required, at prices named. The quantity received on this class of contracts cannot be ascertained from the contracts at present, but the aggregate must be much greater than that arrived at in Schedule A.

the reason for making contracts of this kind was the impossibility of knowing what quantity would be required for the Army, depending on the place of purchase, as well as to prevent the accumulation of supplies at posts which could be supplies to advantage from other points.

Since the close of the war this mode of contracting has been adopted almost entirely, to prevent the accumulation of supplies at posts which would soon be abandoned.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, in Charge Regular Supplies.


A.-Consolidated report of deliveries of forage and fuel on contracts specifying quantities, purchases in open market reported and official reports received at Quartermaster's Department for fiscal year ending June 30, 1865.

Corn. Oats. Barley. Hay. Straw.

Received on Bushels. Bushels. Bushels. Tons. Tons.


specifying 4,681,247 9,979,829 33,311 3,196 ......

amount to be


Purchased in 1,221,026 11,759,402 10,000 111,124 2,442

open market.

Amounts ....... 23,005,699 ....... ....... 5,027


received by

officers for

fiscal year

ending June

30, 1865,

not included

in the


Total 5,962,273 23,794,930 43,311 407,799 10,665

Feed. Folder. Wood. Coal.

Received on Tons. Tons. Cords. Tons.


specifying ...... ....... 225,796 176,889

amount to



Purchased 145 614 110.373 655.563

in open


Amounts ....... ........ ........ ......


received by


for fiscal

year ending

June 30,

1865, not

included in

the above.

Total 146 614 336,169 832,452