War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0242 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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The list of interments at Spotsylvania and the Wilderness and of those who died at Andersonville are being printed. As other lists are received at this office they will be submitted to you for publication.

It is reported unofficially that several thousand of our dead are buried at Florence, S. C., and at other prison camps of the South. As soon as arrangements can be made for the purpose proper and decent attention will be given to their remains. Orders have been given for inspection of the cemeteries of other prison camps and of battle-fields. It is hoped that most of them can in time be inclosed and preserved.


There have been presented to the Sixth Division 2,479 claims under the law of July 4, 1864. The amount claimed was$1,587, 181.47.

Seven hundred and fifty-one of these claims, amounting to $$183,452.30, have after examination been referred to the Third Auditor, with recommendation for settlement under the law; 1,054 have been rejected, amounting to $446,163.32. Claims amounting to $957,565.85 still await examination and final action in this division.

The Sixth Division has since its organization been under charge of Colonel J. J. Dana, of the Quartermaster's Department, an officer who has in various position during the war displayed signal intelligence and devotion to his duties. As chief of transportation at the great depot of Washington, as chief quartermaster of the First Army Corps during the campaign of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, and assistant in this office, and after its organization chief of the Sixth Division, he has von the approval and esteem of his commanders.


The officers in charge of the division of military trains reports from the returns of officers of the department, so far as received, that during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1864, there were purchased 14,549 wagons, 1,229 ambulances, 1,279 carts, 58,144 sets wheel harness 87,480 sets lead harness, 5,255 sets irregular harness, 335 sets artillery harness, 1,702 sets cart harness, 60 traveling and 824 portable forges. There were captured from the rebels during the same fiscal year, 1,541 wagons 468 ambulances, 245 carts, 6 carriages, 6,661 sets wheel harness, 6,906 sets lead harness, 797 sets irregular harness, 119 sets artillery harness, 406 sets harness, 3 traveling and 73 portable forges. There were expended, lost, and sold during the year 2,372 wagons, 277 ambulances, 96 carts, 5 carriages, 17,907 sets wheel harness, 16,732 sets lead harness, 3,453 sets irregular harness, 393 sets artillery harness, 133 sets cart harness, 3 traveling and 229 portable forges.

During the fiscal ytear ending June 30, 1865 there were purchased 4,762 wagons, 2,436 ambulances, 247 carts, 13,215 sets wheel harness, 18,961 sets lead harness, 2,588 sets irregular harness,ets cart harness, 34 travelling and 890 portable forges. There were manufactured in the repair and other shops of the department 1,443 wagons, 79 cart, 14,152 sets wheel harness, 20,767 sets lead harness, 929 sets irregular harness, 34 sets artillery harness, and 173 sets cart harness. There were captured 1,599 wagons, 174 ambulances 108 carts, 6,228 sets wheel harness, 7,770 sets lead harness, 867 sets irregular harness, 65 sets artillery harness, 65 sets artillery harness, and 46 portable forges. There were expended, lost 2,211 wagons, 679 ambulances, 97