War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0218 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Bvt. Major General Robert Allen continued to exercise the authority and control with which he had been invested as senior and supervising quartermaster in the Valley of the Mississippi. His duties have remained the same as during the previous years. His annual report is herewith. Had it been more full in detail it would have given a better idea of the magnitude of his responsibilities, his labors, and his merits. There passed through his hands during the fiscal years $33,944,646.45.

Bvt. Major General Rufus Ingalls continued in the field to control the service of the quartermaster's department with the armies operating under Lieutenant-General Grant against Richmond.

The admirable manner in which the duties of his post were performed is shown in the efficiency of the operations which supplied the troops during the long siege and the rapid marches which, after the enemy was driven from his works, resulted in the capture of his entire army. The disbursements have been (under his direction)

$1,636,759.08, principally for wages of workmen. The supplies for this army were purchased under direction of this office and shipped to if from the depots at the North, as required.

Bvt. Major General D. H. Rucker has continued in charge of the great depot of Washington, the depot through which a great part of the supplies of the armies before Richmond and upon the Atlantic Coast passed. Here the animals and the clothing for these armies were collected. To this point their worn-out and disabled animals and equipment were returned for recuperation or repair, or to be disposed of and replaced.

Upon this depot, after the fall of Richmond, 250,000 troops were concentrated, and here were made all the arrangements for their transportation to the West and North before their final dispersion. The expenditures of the year under his direction have been $8,822,065.33.

Bvt. Major General James L. Donaldson has continued in charge of the great base of supplies of the armies of Sherman and Thomas. He is now supervising quartermaster of the Military Division of the Tennessee, and is engaged in the supply of the troops still quartered in the South and in returning them as discharged to their homes, and in disposing of the vast accumulation of stores no longer needed since the cessation of hostilities and consequent reduction of the Army. He has controlled the expenditure of $24,821,005.79.

Bvt. Brigadier General Thomas Swords, senior quartermaster in the Department of the Ohio, assisted by Colonel Moulton, has been in charge of the operations of the department at the important depot of Cincinnati, which has furnished nearly one-third of the clothing for the armies of the United States. He has received and distributed to other officers or disbursed during the year $17,402,501.95.

Bvt. Brigadier General G. H. Crosman, who had been on duty ion Philadelphia from the 30th of August, 1861, to the 24th of August, 1864, in charge of the Philadelphia depot and the providing of clothing and equipage, was then temporarily relieved by Colonel A. J. Perry, chief of the division of clothing and equipage. He has since been engaged in preparing a manual of the service of the Quartermaster's Deportment, intended to fix the forms, sizes, and construction and qualities of the various articles of equipment which are supplied by the Quartermaster's Department, in order that the experience gained in all these details may not be lost, but may be at hand to instruct the officers of the department in future operations. The records and