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weeks thereafter (July 19) the last regiment started for home. During the interval the work, like that for General Sherman's command, was not continuous, it being interrupted and delayed by the movement of the Sixth Corps from Danville, VA., to this city and the consolidation, by orders of June 28, of the remaining portion of the army into a provisional corps, numbering, present and absent, 22,699 officers and men. Thus, for the two commands in question, and between the 29th of May and the 1st of August (two months), 279,034 officers and men, present and absent, were mustered out and placed en route to their homes. Including other armies and departments, the number was increased by August 7 (two months and seven days) to 640,806 officers and men. From the foregoing it is seen that the mass of the forces discharged were mustered out by September 14, or within two months and a half from the tie the movements of troops homeward commenced. The average per month during that time is 299,442.


Assistant Adjutant-General.


November 15, 1865.

C.-Exhibit of the forces of the United States on the 1st of May, 1864.

Army or Aggregate Summary Aggregate

department present

available for


Department of 42,124 Brought forward- 662,345

Washington present available

for duty

Army of the 120,384 Present, sick in a 41,266

Potomac field hospitals or

unfit for duty

Department of 59,130 Absent on detached 109,348

Virginia and service

North Carolina

Department of 18,169 Absent with leave, b 66,290

the South including

prisoners of war

Department of 61,865 Absent, in general b 75,978

the Gulf hospitals and on

sick leave at home

Department of 23,666 Absent without b 15,483

Arkansas authority

Department of 74,170 Grand aggregate, 970,710

the Tennessee present and absent

Department of 15,775

the Missouri

Department of 5,296

the Northwest

Department of 4,798


Headquarters 476


Division of



Department of 119,948

the Cumberland

Department of 35,416

the Ohio

Northern 9,546


Department of 30,782

West Virginia

Department of 2,828

the East

Department of 2,970



Middle 5,627


Ninth Army 20,780


Department of 3,454

New Mexico

Department of 5,141

the Pacific

Total a 662,345

a Taken from monthly returns.

b Taken from tri-monthly returns.

*An examination of the original returns for April 30, 1864 (from which the numbers in this column were compiled), shows that all officers and men reported as "present for duty," "on extra or daily duty," and "in arrest or confinement," are here included under th head of "aggregate present available for duty."