War of the Rebellion: Serial 126 Page 0089 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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In September, 1864, Wheeler destroyed by fire bridge 7, 300 feet long. In December, in Hood's raid, bridges Nos. 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 12 were destroyed by fire, and these have been permanently rebuilt. By high water and the enemy the bridges named have been destroyed, some twice and some three times, and as often rebuilt.


On the Nashville and Decatur line nine water-tanks were constructed complete. On the Nashville and Chattanooga line forty-five water-tanks were constructed. There has been laid nearly five miles of new water pipe to make the water stations complete. The exact figures are 24,660 feet. On the Chattanooga and Knoxville, Chattanooga and Atlanta, and Knoxville and Bristol lines twenty-five new and complete water stations have been built,and nine of these are fitted with water wheels, which render them self-acting and complete in every respect. On the Nashville and Chattanooga line near 115 miles of main line and side-tracks have been repaid with new ties, new iron, and ballast.


The large machine, pattern, and repair shops alluded to in the last yearly report and the roundhouse for the large number of engines then projected have been completed during the year. R. H. Nagle, master carpenter, has built two machine-shosp.

Kind of buildings. Length. Width. Height.

Feet. Feet.

1 Machie-shop 2 stories.

198 88

1 ...do... 80 65 Do.

1 Patern shop 100 48 Do.

1 Blacksmith and 450 62 1 story.

boiler shop

1 Roundhouse a 27 b 85 Do.

1 Carpenter shop 200 40 Do.

1 Tin shop 65 40 Do.

1 Copper shop 60 27 Do.

1 Store-hous 150 35 Do.

1 ...do... 175 36 Do.

8 Hospital buildings 705 201 Do.

1 Quartermaster's 72 40 2 stories.


1 Office for auditor 56 20 Do.

1 Office master 90 25 3 stories.


1 Office master 38 18 1 story.


1 U. S.printing 45 36 2 stories.


a Stalls. b Long.

In addition to these buildings, sixty-nine mess-houses, fitted with bunks, benches, and tables for the comfort of the men employed, were erected. In addition to the various platforms along the line of the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad, and at Nashville, for the convenient loading of freight and troops and animals, there were built at Decherd one roundhouse with twelve stalls 60 feet long; one blacksmith shop 60 by 30 feet; one car shop 66 by 35 feet, besides fifteen buildings used as mess-house, offices, and depot buildings, varying from 20 by 40 to 20 by 80 feet. In addition to these buildings all the desks, cases, &c., needed ball the officers of the military railroads were constructed by this department. To complete this work there