War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1279 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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All men in each general hospital will be inspected by these boards once in two months, and they will in all cases confer with the surgeons in charge and obtain from them such information relative to the actual condition of the men as they can furnish. After each inspection the boards will accurately prepare the following sets of transfer rolls: First, of those selected for transfer to the First Battalion; second, of those selected for transfer to the Second Battalion; and third, of those who, while physically fit for duty in the First Battalion, are, by reason of special qualifications as clerks, nurses, cooks, &c., considered by the Board as necessary to the hospital. The first set of rolls will be transmitted to the Provost-Marshal-General, the second and third to the Surgeon-General, and by them will be forwarded to the Adjutant-General's Office, where the transfers will be ordered.

XII. Commissioned officers will be assigned to the Second Battalion companies by the Provost-Marshal-General, on requisition of the Surgeon-General, not to exceed, however, the authorized number and grades to each company.

XIII. In case any men of the Second Battalion become unfit for hospital duties they will be discharged on the usual certificate of disability; but so much of Circular No. 65, Adjutant-General's Office, August 19, 1864, as directs that certain men of the Veteran Reserve Corps "may be discharged if they so elect," is hereby revoked.

XIV. Enlisted men of the volunteer service having less than six months to serve in U. S. general hospitals, or in the field, who are proper subjects for transfer to the First Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps, shall be sent for duty to such hospitals as the Surgeon-General may direct, to be retained in hospital until expiration of enlistment, unless they become proper subjects for discharge or the field. While at hospital they will be temporarily attached to and mustered with the Second Battalion company, or detachment at hospital.

XV. The following is the organization of regiments and companies of the First Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps, as infantry:

One regiment of First Battalion (ten companies).- One colonel, 1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 major, 1 adjutant, 1 quartermaster, 1 sergeant-major, 1 regimental quartermaster-sergeant, 1 regimental commissary-sergeant, 2 principal musicians.

One company of First Battalion.- One captain, 1 first lieutenant, 1 second lieutenant, 1 first sergeant, 4 sergeants, 8 corporals, 2 musicians, and 82 privates.

The commander of a regiment will appoint the adjutant from the subalterns of the regiment, nominate the quartermaster to the Secretary of War for appointment, and appoint the non-commissioned staff of the regiment. When non-commissioned officers are required for a company, its commander shall make a requisition upon the Provost-Marshal-General, through his regimental commander. Non-commissioned officers may also be appointed to companies by the Provost-Marshal-General upon application and approval of company and regimental commanders.

XVI. Companies of the Second Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corps, shall be organized in the same manner and contain the same number of commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates as those of the First Battalion. When non-commissioned officers are required in a company its commanding officer shall make a requisition for them upon the Provost-Marshal-General, through the Surgeon-General. When they cannot be thus obtained they may be appointed