War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1263 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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and a restored Union will be the gratifying result secured to the people of this city by the valor of our armies; and

Whereas, it is universally conceded that conscripts do not make as good or efficient soldiers as those who voluntarily assume service in the army; that men forced from their homes, leaving there unprovided and uncared for their wives and children, their business and hopes for the future, do not enlist their hearts in the service of their country, to which they are involuntarily subjected, equally with those who have not these ties to bind them to their homes; and inasmuch as there can be no question of the ability of this city to meet the demands of the General Government for men at the present time, and for all time to come, as it has invariably done in the past, were sufficient time allowed for the purpose: Be it therefore Resolved, That His Excellency Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, be earnestly, yet respectfully, requested on behalf of the citizens of this city to defer for a period of sixty or ninety days the enforcement of the provisions of the conscription act, as we have an abiding faith that if such postponement be granted they will fill all demands made upon them by men who will voluntarily serve in the armies of the Union.


Washington, D. C., April 13, 1865.


The Secretary of War directs that you discontinue the business of recruiting and drafting in all the districts in your State until further orders. Instruct your provost-marshals accordingly.


Bvt. Brigadier General, Acting Provost-Marshal-General.


Washington, April 13, 1865.

Governor O. P. MORTON,

Indianapolis, Ind.:

Referring to your telegram of yesterday, please regard this as the formal authority from Secretary of War for you to raise two regiments for General Hancock's First Army Corps, under the special and prescribed regulations applicable to the said force. This authority should have been forwarded to you March 21. The attention of General Hancock has been invited to the fact of the 150 men for the corps being ordered away against your protest.


Assistant Adjutant-General.