War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1255 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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All musters into service must conform to the requirements of paragraph 85, Mustering Regulations; but, for the purpose named, the companies will only be required to be of the maximum infantry strength, the colonel to be mustered in when twelve of said companies are organized.

All musters out and in, and transfers of the men to form the regiment will be under your direction, and will be made by the corps commissaries of musters and their assistants.

In making the musters out and in the general provisions of sections 1, 2, and 3, paragraph I, of General Orders, No. 359, series of 1863, will be applied, substituting in the remarks for the words "General Orders, No. 191, series of 1863," &c., the following: "Circular No. 12, of 1865, Adjutant-General's Office, War Department."

In cases of transfer, of course musters out and in will not be necessary. The changes will be made and reported by means of the transfer rolls, required by Circular No. 64, of 1864. The transfers will be confined to men having at least ten months to serve.


The commissioned officers will be appointed by the President of the United States; and to this end you will, at your earliest convenience, forward to the Adjutant-General of the Army a list of the officers you may desire for the said force.

The officers, when appointed, will not be mustered in until they have the commands required by paragraph 85, Mustering Regulations.


The bounty to men enlisting for the regiment will be that provided by the act approved July 4, 1864, and promulgated in General Orders, No. 224, series of that year, from this office, as follows:

For one year........................ $100

For two years....................... 200

For three years..................... 300

The law provides that one-third of the bounty 'shall be paid to the soldier at the time of his being mustered (remustered) into service, one-third at the expiration of one-half his term of service, and one-third at the expiration of his term of service."

Under the foregoing the first installments of bounty will be paid when the men are remustered, and as follows:

For enlistments for one year...................... $33.33

For enlistments for two years..................... 66.66

For enlistments for three years................... 100.00

Payments of said bounty will be regulated under the general provisions of General Orders, No. 359, series of 1863, from this office.

In connection with the aforesaid bounty it must be distinctly understood that men enlisting and thereby receiving it will not be entitled to the installments remaining unpaid, and corresponding to the unexpired portions of terms under original enlistments or re-enlistments.