War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1245 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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and shoeing tools, horses" and mule shoes and nails, iron and steel for shoeing, hire of veterinary surgeons, medicines for horses and horses and mules, picket ropes, and for shoeing the horses of the corps named; also, generally, the proper and authorized expenses for the movements and operations of an army not expressly assigned to any other department, ten million dollars.

For the purchase of cavalry and artillery horses, twenty-one million dollars.

For transportation of officers" baggage, five hundred thousand dollars.

For transportation of the Army, including the baggage of the troops when moving, either by land or water; of clothing, camp and garrison oui page, from the depots at Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and New York, to the several posts and army depots, and from those depots to the troops in the field; and of subsistence stores from the places of purchase, and from the places of delivery under contract, to such places as the circumstances of the service may require them to be sent; of ordnance, or ordnance stores, and small-arms, from foundries and armories to the arsenals, for the purchase and hire of horses, mules, oxen, and harness, and the purchase and repair of wagons, carts, and drays, and of ships,and other sea-going vessels, and boats required for the transportation of supplies and for garrison purposes; for drayage and cartage at the several posts; hire of teamsters; transportation of funds for the pay and other disbursing departments; the expense of sailing public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacific; and for procuring water at such posts as, from their situation,require it to be brought from a distance; and for clearing roads, and removing obstructions from roads, harbors, and rivers, to the extent which may be required forth actual operations of the troops in the field, thirty million dollars.

For the hire or commutation of quarters for officers on military duty; hire of quarters for troops; of store-house for the safe- keeping of military stores; of grounds for summer cantonments; for the construction of temporary huts, hospitals, and stables, and for repairing public buildings at established posts, five million dollars.

For heating and cooking stoves, one hundred thousand dollars.

For constructing and extending the telegraph for military purposes, and for expenses in operating the same, five hundred thousand dollars.

For supplies, transportation, and care of prisoners of war, one million dollars.

For clothing for the Army, camp and garrison equipage, and for expenses of offices and arsenals, fifty million dollars.

For the Medical and Hospital Department, six million dollars.

For expenses of the Commanding Generals" Office, ten thousand dollars.

For the secret service, one hundred thousand dollars.

For armament of fortifications, three million five hundred thousand dollars.

For the current expenses of the ordnance service, on milition two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

For ordnance, ordnance stores, and supplies, including horses, and the purchase and manufacture of army accouterments and horse equipments for volunteers and regulars, twenty million dollars.

For the manufacture of arms at the National Armory, three million five hundred thousand dollars.

For repairs, improvements, and new machinery at the National Armory, one hundred thousand dollars.

For the purchase of gunpowder and lead, two million five hundred thousand dollars.

For repairs and improvements at arsenals, including new and additions to present buildings, and machinery, tools, and fixtures, five hundred thousand dollars.

For signal service of the Army, one hundred thousand dollars.

For salaries of two clerks in the signal office, two thousand eight hundred dollars.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That to supply a deficiency in the appropriations forte current fiscal year, for ordnance, ordnance stores, and supplies, including the purchase and manufacture of arms, accouterments, and horse equipments for volunteers and regulars, the sum of seven millions of dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.

SEC. 3 And be it further enacted. That from and after the first day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, and during the continuance of the present rebellion, the communication price of officers" subsistence shall be fifty cents per ration: Provided, That said increase shall not apply to the commutation price of the rations of any officer above the rank of brevet brigadier-general, or of any officer entitled to commutation for fuel or quarters.