War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1240 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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and this order may be exchanged at the starting-point for tickets over the enter route.

6. Settlement should not be made nor vouches given to railroads on orders for passenger transportation properly belonging to other roads, but the passenger accounts for each road should be made up separately in the name of the roads to which they belong.

7. Appleton's Railroad Guide for January, 1865, will be used as a standard for indicating routes and fixing distances, unless the actual distance is proved to be less, in which case settlement will be made on the basis of actual distance. Where this guide cannot be more readily procured, it can be furnished from this office.

8. When a number of troops are to be transported from any point to any other point, on the same day or train, it should be done in squads as far as practicable. A single transportation order or set of orders should be given to the ranking officer or most responsible person of the several detachments.

9. Blank books of free transportation orders will also be furnished, to be used on boats belonging to, or in the service of, the Quartermaster's Department, or to railroads operated by the Government. The free passes in these books will be given to persons entitled to receive Government transportation, and should not be issued without designating on the order the boat or road on or over which the person is to be transported. The marginal registers in these books will also be preserved for return to the department quartermaster or to this office, as may from time to time be required. Should the route to be traveled be in part over roads or on boats belonging to the Government,and in part on those owned by private parties or companies, care should be taken that free and pay orders ar given, as the case may require, or such requisitions furnished as will enable the party entitled to transportation to procure it at points where pay transportation commences.

10. To warrant the granting of transportation, except in cases gulations or general orders, published foation, the person demanding the same should show a requisition or order from completest authority requiring the movement by public conveyance in the performance of public duty. The original requisition for such transportation, when not necessarily required by the officer presenting it, should be retained by the officer furnishing the transportation; in other cases, a certified copy or necessary extract from the order should be furnished to and preserved by the officer granting transportation, as his proper authority therefor, and a certified copy of the same must be indorsed on the back of the order.

11. When the cost of transportation is to be reimbursed to the Government, as in the case of sick and furloughed soldiers, the required certificate should not only be made upon the furlough or order, but the transportation order should also be indorsed on the back substantially as follows:

The within transportation, furnished under General Order, --, and the proper officers duly notified.

- -- ---,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

12. When transportation is granted to persons not in the military service full explanation therefor should be given.

13. Orders for transportation should give the name of the party to be transported, or, if there are several, then of the officer or person