War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1239 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Harrisonburg, Pa.:

Time for raising new organizations is hereby extended to March 31, but this authority does not postpone or interfere with the draft. Mustering officers will continue to muster.





Washington City, March 16, 1865.

1. For the purpose of producing uniformity in the transportation service and guarding against abuses, blank books of transportation orders will hereafter be issued from this office to the chief quartermaster of each department, to be by him immediately furnished to each officer under his order entitlement to issue the same; after the receipt the prescribed blank form cannot be had, and then to reason for not using it must be stated in the order. These blank orders will be numbered and registered in this office in such manner that there will never be two orders of the same number in circulation; they will be charged to the chief quartermaster to whom sent, who will receipt and be held of responsible therefor, and who will in like manner charge and hold responsible his subordinate officers. On exchange of posts, or on transfer to another office, like receipts must be taken and forwarded to the chief quartermaster of each department.

2. Within five days after the end of each month a concise report will be made to the department quartermaster of the number of orders issued, the number canceled by error (which must accompany the report), and the number remaining on hand, with a statement of the amount of transportation furnished in the month; which report, in a condensed form (accompanied by the orders canceled), will be by him immediately transmitted to the Quartermaster-General,under envelope, in descend on margin "Rail and river transportation."

3. The marginal register should contain the substance of the order issued, and will be preserved by the officer issuing for his own protection, or returned to the department quartermaster or this office, as may be hereafter required. Care should be taken at all times to keep on hand a sufficient supply of these blank orders, which can be obtained upon application to the proper senior or department quartermaster.

4. Unless in extraordinary circumstances, all rail and river transportation, passenger and freight, at any post, will hereafter be under the control and management of a single officer, on whom requisitions will be made by other officers requiring transportation.

5. When more than five persons in one party ar to be transported over one road, or a continuous line of roads, separate orders for transportation must be issued for each road to be passed over; these orders should be received on the train instead of tickets, and are to be receipted by the party named in the order, and given up on the cars, the officer or person in charge filling the receipt with the number actually carried. Five persons, or a less number, may be carried over a continuous line of roads upon a single order for transportation,