War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1220 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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there would probably be a surplus of some fifty companies. Said companies were accepted and he was authorized to assign them to old regiments of infantry. In additional to said surplus fifty companies of infantry are hereby authorized by the Secretary of War, and therefore the Governor has now authority for 100 companies. Should he desire to raise more, please request him to notify me. Let recurring go on, and make requisition if necessary by telegram from any additional supplies that may be required, so that no delay will result in getting the companies to the front.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

(Copy by mail for Governor.)



Chairman County Volunteering Committee, New York:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 2nd instant, in reply to a note of Captain Borwnson, assistant adjutant-general, written by my direction, in relation to the progress of recruiting in this county, and have perused with interest the elaborate array of statistics which it contains, exhibiting the comparative progress of recruiting in the city and county of New York under the present and previous calls for troops; but its examination has not changed or modified my convictions that "the present rate of recurring will not fill the quotas of the city districts within the time required." It will be borne in mind that very great deficiency as compared with other districts in this division exists in all the city districts, and that these deficiencies exist entirely for the reason that New York has been less actively or less successfully engaged in actual recusing than the suburban districts. The draft has already commenced in all districts surrounding the city, and to further postpone its operations here, unless there is a prospect of the quotas being immediately filled by voluntary enlistments, would be an obvious injustice to those districts in which the application of the provisions of the law is now being made. Furthermore, it will be remembered that the previous quotas of the city districts have been filled to a very great extent with credits resulting from enlistments in the Navy not made since the assignment of quotas under the enrollment law, and not contained in your exhibit of the progress of recruiting under those calls. Hence the comparison made in your communication has no application to the results in filling the quotas, which now must be done by actual enlistments. It was hoped that the postponement of the draft in this city would produce on the part of its citizens some effort commensurate with the amount of labor to be done to secure the filling of the quotas by voluntary enlistments, thereby speedily re-enforcing our victorious armies will some 16,000 volunteers, and thus removing the necessity for a recourse to the operations of a draft on the part of the Government. To secure this result every means of co-operation and assistance consistent with the interests of the service has, whenever suggested, been willingly adopted by the Provost-Marshal-General and by this office; bit after trial it seems that these