War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1193 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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sufficient to fully and completely perform the work required of it; that no proposition for peace should be made or entertained by the Government of the United States other than full submission upon the part of that great armed mob which now is, and for four years last past has been, seeking and attempting the destruction of this the best human Government, its Constitution, and laws.

That it is the deliberate sense of the sovereign State of Wisconsin that, if need be, all the resources of the Government should be promptly directed to the end of restoring peace to this now distracted country at the earliest practicable moment upon the basis indicated above; that for such purpose all interest and each locality should be required to bear in equal proportions the burdens and hardships imposed upon the country by this unhallowed crusade against the lives and liberty of the people.

While we do not wish to give utterance to any one sentiment which will impede the work of enlisting,which is now progressing rapidly, thereby indicating in a manner not be misunderstood not only the willingness but determination of the people everywhere to stand by the present administration in its efforts to restore peace and preserve to unborn millions the glorious of civil and religious liberty, we are compelled to say that, in the opinion of your memorialist, that great injustice has been imposed upon certain States, Congressional districts, and sub-districts of the country, and that such is especially the case in the State of Wisconsin; that the quota of said State is much too large when considered in the light of proportion to the whole number of men called for, and of her enrolled, militia when compared with the aggregate militia of all States required to make up the complement of 300,000 men. The attention of the Provost-Marshal- General has been repeatedly called to this matter of manifest injustice to the State of Wisconsin, in requiring of her an undue proportion of men by the Executive and adjutant-general of said State. He has also been requested by said officials to furnish them with explanations of the plan upon which he assigns quotas to the several State and districts and allows them credits, if said plan is susceptible of explanation, that the same might be made public and the people of said State made to see and know that no injustice is done them. To all of which he has turned a deaf ear; to such inquires he has preserved he has preserved a profound silence.

Your memorialist are thereby impressed more thoroughly there is not only a wrong in fact, but that he is conscious of such wrong.

Your memorialist are of opinion General Fry has anew arithmetic, the principles of which he alone understands; that by its practical application, when he subtracts the credits which a district is entitled to from the quota required from such districts, that such quota is thereby enlarged.

Your memorialist are of opinion that good faith toward this people should be kept upon the part of a Government depending upon the fidelity of the people for its life; that to that end competency is an indispensable requisite for official station; that no man, however pure, should be retained in office when it is clearly apparent he is unfit therefore.

Your memorialist being fully satisfied the public welfare requires a change should be had in that respect, do respectfully, though earnestly, ask that Honorable James B. Fry be removed from his present position; that the same be given to some person competent to dis-