War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1192 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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tant-general of the State of Illinois asking information "for the use of the State." Believing that the Honorable Secretary of War has misapprehended my application, I pass this strange paragraph without further comment, otherwise I should feel constrained to view the expressions used by him as unworthy of his high position and great character, and as unjust to the State whose agent, duly accredited to him by the Executive of Illinois, I have the honor to be. I trust, however, that I shall be understood to decline to yield the point made by the Honorable Secretary of War, and to maintain most respectfully and yet most earnestly that my application was and is proper to be granted. As the agent of the State of Illinois, responsible to her State authorities and her citizens for the manner in which I may discharge my trust in protecting the rights of her people and vindicating her untarnished fame, I will be pardoned, I am sire by you for maintaining that Illinois as a State (required under the act of Congress to furnish the quota assigned her, and entitled by law to full credits for all the men furnished, taken into account the period of their service since the beginning of the war) has the right to be informed upon the points respectfully submitted by me. the enrollment of all the States in obedience to public law. Quotas are assigned and credits made up and given in pursuance and by the mandate of the same law. No public agent has the power to disregard the clear rules of the statute, and that it has been complied with an conformed to the people (who are to be effected unjustly by a non-compliance) have the right to know; and I beg leave to observe that i cannot comprehend how the public interest are to be injured in case in question by the public agents informing their principals-the people-what are the elements of the calculation upon which they assign the quotas under the President's last call to the several States; and especially does it so impress me in this instance, because as a lawyer i have been taught and find the principle recognizing and maintained by all the tribunals of the land, that 'secrecy is a badge of fraud."

In conclusion, general, allow me to assure you that Illinois, through her State, authorities, and her people, desires to co- operate cordially and fully with the Federal authorities insuppressing the rebellion against the Government; and she does not seek the information asked so much to escape the burden of this quota as to vindicate her honor and fair fame.

Hitherto she has stood forth the equal of any State in this Union if not peerless among them all, in this contest. To allow anything to occur of now to tarnish her past or future history is what her State authorities cannot submit to without first exhausting every effort in their power honorably to arrest it.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully and truly, your friend,


Adjutant-General of Illinois.

A memorial to the President of the United States relative to volunteering, the assignment of quotas, and the part of the United States Government to fill up the ranks of its Army to the end that each military department of the country may have a number of men amply