War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1176 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington, February 16, 1865.

The following, the substance of circulars from this Department pertaining to the credit of recruits or re-enlisted men on the quota of the State and Territories, is published for the guidance of all concerned:

The superintendent of the general recruiting service and superintendents of regimental recruiting service will render to the Governors and assistant provost-marshal-general of States and Territories consolidated tri-monthly reports for credits of the men enlisted and reenlisted by officers of their respective commands, giving their names, by whom enlisted, and for what service, regiment, or corps, and the district or county, with sub-district or town, or city and ward, where they may wish to be credit. In States having more than one assistant provost- marshal-general these reports will be rendered to the assistant provost-marshal of the division in which the man is to be credited.

Recruit officers will particularly indorse on the margin of each enlistment paper the place where the man is to be credited.

The same requirements will be observed in rendering reports for credit of enlistments within the District of Columbia.

Copies of the above-mentioned reports, consolidated, will be forwarded by each superintendent to this office.

Commanding officers of regiments and batteries will render reports, as herein prescribed for superintendents, of men enlisted or re-enlisted within their commands, at the expiration of each month, to the superintendent of the recruiting service of their regiment, to be consolidated by them with the reports of their recruiting officers.

The recruiting of men in one State to be credited to another, except as provided, by the act of July 4, 1864, for recruiting in States in rebellion is forbidden.

Men enlisting or-re-enlisting for the Regular Army in the loyal States or Territories, in the District of Columbia or in territory coming within the jurisdiction of the Provost-Marshal- General, not the seat of active operations, will not be credited outside the State, Territory, or district, within which they enlist.

the enlistment of men as substitutes in the Regular Army is forbidden.

Officers are strictly forbidden to give any copies of enlistment papers or certificates of enlistment, showing places of credit, to enlisted men or to any person not authorized by this office to receive them.


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Washington, D. C., February 16, 1865.

Major R. M. LITTLER,

Actg. Provost-Marshal-General, Augusta, Me.:

Gross fronds having been perpetrated on the Government and individuals by forged certificates of naval enlistments as evidence of credit, you are instructed to forward to this office the number of men credit to each of the districts in your jurisdiction on account of enlistments in the Navy since the 19th of December, 1864, that its accuracy may be tested by the records of the Navy Department; and you will hereafter allow no credits for naval enlistments, except those