War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1169 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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It is certain that so large a number of remounts cannot be supplied to that army, even if we make no further issues to other cavalry troops supplied from the West. Neither will it be possible, in my opinion for such any operations against Selma or Montgomery. Like all extravagant undertakings its very magnitude will defeat it. The horses will starve, the equipments be lost, and the men left on foot along the road.

Moreover, I learn from the Quartermaster-General that he is now some $180,000,000 in debt, and that unless more money is soon raised it will be very difficult to purchase supplies for the Army.

Under these circumstances I desire your instructions in regard to the number of cavalry to be fitted out for General Thomas" expedition, and whether horses shall be furnished to him in preference to all other commands in the West and Southwest, bearing in mind that it will not be possible to furnish horses, forage, and transportation to anything like we whole cavalry force in those departments and divisions. It is also proper to determine when the purchase of remounts shall be resumed for Sheridan and the Armies of the Potomac and the James. Considering that the Quartermaster's Department cannot now supply forage to the animals we have on hand, I would not advise purchases to be commenced before the middle of March, and I doubt whether navigation will be sufficiently by that time to enable us to bring forward horses and supplies. The railroads of the North cannot do this.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General and Chief of Staff.

SPRINGFIELD, February 13, 1865.

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

Please extend the time for volunteering until 1st of March. It takes so much time to get companies together and complete organization we cannot do better. We shall be able to raise more than ten regiments by volunteering, and if the present feeling continues in the State we shall fill our quota without drafting. Help us all you can. I am sure we can get the men in the field much easier by this means than by drafting.



INDIANAPOLIS, IND., February 13, 1865.

His Excellency A. LINCOLN,

President of the United States:

I am directed by the House to inform the Senate that the House has concurred in the following concurrent resolution, to wit:

Whereas, a few weeks more time would enable the State of Indiana to fill her quota by volunteers under the late calf the President of the United States; Therefore.

Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Indiana (the House concurring), That the President of the United States be, and is hereby, requested, if not incompatible with the public welfare, to extend the time for filling the quota of the State of Indiana for the period of thirty days, or to grant such other extension ot time as to His Excellency may seem expedient.