War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1157 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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HARRISBURG, PA., February 8, 1865.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

The indications of success in recruiting the companies in lieu of draft are very encouraging in this State. I think we will succeed to the extent of the authority granted. Several companies arrived here yesterday, and I regret to again insist that there are not sufficient accommodations provided for the recruits that rendezvous here. Last night many were without shelter or blankets, and exposed to most inclement weather. I very earnestly entreat you to peremptorily order that provision be made at once for the citizens of the State who volunteer for military service. The night coming on promises to be very cold and wind high. Provision I hope will be made before dark. The U. S. authorities here knew men were coming, and could have been prepared. I will, of the men are permitted to leave the camp, get them places for shelter to-night in any of the public buildings where room can be had.




Washington City, February 8, 1865.

Governor CURTIN,


The Secretary of War directs me ot acknowledge your telegram received this evening, and to inform you that the is gratified at the prospect of successful recruiting in your State, and to state that no efforts of his will be spared to enforce upon the officers having charge of the subjection to provide suitable protection and accommodation for recruits. In case of their failure or neglect of duty, the requests you to make proper provision and report the officers in default, that they may be promptly punished. Peremptory orders have been issued to the officers at Harrisburg on the subject.


Colonel and Inspector-General.


Washington, February 8, 1865.

His Excellency Governor SMITH:

Complaint is made to me by Vermont that the assignment of her quota for the draft on the pending call is intrinsically unjust and also in bad faith of the Government's promise to fairly allow credits for men previously furnished. To illustrate, a supposed case in stated as follows:

Vermont and New Hampshire must between them furnish 6,000 men on the pending call, and being equals, each must furnish as many as other in the long run. But the Government finds that on former calls Vermont furnished a surplus of 500 and New Hampshire aa surplus of 1,500. These two surpluses making 2,000 and added to the 6,000, make 8,000 to be furnished by the two States or 4,000 each, less by fair credits. Then subtract Vermont's surplus of 500 from her 4,000 leaves 3,500 as her quota on the pending call; and likewise subtract New Hampshire's surplus of 1,500 from her 4,000, leaves 2,500 as her quota on the pending call.