War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1142 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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It will be observed that the terms of this proportion are derived from the enrollment of the State, the enrollments of the districts, and the surplus credits under former calls upon the State and upon the districts, respectively.


Assistant Adjutant-General.


WASHINGTON, D. C., February 25, 1865.

To be filed in the Provost-Marshal-General's Office.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Washington, February 6, 1865.


These gentlemen distinctly say to me this morning that what they want is the means from your office of showing their people that the quota assigned to them is right. They think it will take but little time-two hours, they say. Please give them double the time and every facility you can.

Yours, truly,


FEBRUARY 6, 1865.

The Provost-Marshal brings this letter back to me and says he cannot give the facility required without detriment to the service, and thereupon he is excused from doing it.



Detroit, February 6, 1865.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

SIR: I am directed by His Excellency the Governor of Michigan to present to your consideration the following statements:

Under the call of the President of December 19, 1864, 300,000 men are required to supply the deficiency under the call of July 18, 1864, and to provide for casualties. The entire quota to Michigan under the call of July 18, 1864, as originally assigned by the Provost-Marshal-General, was 18,282, which, after the enrollment had been amended, was reduced to 15,760. Up to and including the 31st of December, 1864, there had been enlisted in this State, and credited by the acting assistant provost-marshal-general since the call of July, the following number of men: For one year, 6,016; for two years, 50; for three years, 10,121; making a total of men absolutely enlisted and credited of 16, 187.

This statement shows that instead of there being a deficiency in this State under the call of July 18, to be provided for under the additional call now pending, there was on the 31st of December an actual surplus standing to the credit of the State of 427, counting each man without regard to the term of his enlistment as a unit. In the calculations, based upon periods of service, made at the office of the Provost-Marshal-General, and which entirely accord with those made