War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1134 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Trusting that this explanation of our request may be satisfactory to the depart immediately to receive the permission to copy the figures desired.

We remain your obedient servants,






Committee of the Board of Supervisors County of New York.

Order of the President.


Washington City, February 6, 1865.

Whereas, complaints are made in some localities respecting the assignments of quotas and credits allowed for the pending call of troops to fill up the armies-now in order to determine all controversies in respect thereto and to avoid any delay in filling up the armies,

It is ordered, That the Attorney-General, Brigadier-General Richard Delafield, and Colonel C. W. Foster be, and they are hereby, constituted a board to examine into the proper quotas and credits of the respective States and districts, under the call of December 19, 1864, with directions that if any errors be found therein to make such corrections as the law and facts may require, and report their determination to the Provost-Marshal- General. The determination of said board to be final and conclusive, and the draft to be made in conformity therewith.

2. The Provost-Marshal-General is ordered to make the draft in the respective districts as speedily as the same can be done after the 15th of this month.


WASHINGTON, D. C., February 9, 1865.

In pursuance of the above order the Board met at 3 p.m. and the order of the President convening the Board was read.

The Provost-Marshal-General then presented a tabular statement showing the surplus credits, enrollment of every State and Congressional district in the loyal States, and the quotas assigned to each, respectively. Other miscellaneous data were also presented.

After an interview with the Provost-Marshal-General, in which he explained the general principles by which he was guided in giving credits and assigning quotas, the junior member of the Board was assigned the duty of making a general examination of the data presented by the Provost-Marshal-General with a view to ascertaining if the quotas had been correctly determined.

The Board then adjourned to 3 p.m. on the 10th instant.

FRIDAY, February 10, 1865.

The Board met pursuant to adjournment.

Colonel Foster reported that the assignments of quotas as made by the Provost-Marshal-General were as a general rule correct. Some exceptions were cited and explained.

After some discussion of the law, the facts, and the principle by which the Provost-Marshal-General has been guided in assigning