War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1131 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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District. Enrollmen Aggregate Quotas Excess.

t. terms of July 18.


Fourth 27,191 8,584 4,071 4,513

Fifth 26,260 8,310 3,971 4,439

Sixth 22,660 8,273 3,485 4,788

Seventh 26,297 8,410 4,239 4,171

Eighth 26,139 10,285 4,346 5,939

Ninth 19,607 6,822 3,028 3,794

Total 148,154 50,684 23,140 27,644

From these figures it appears that the calls as distributed on the 1st of January is for 300,000 men, minus 10,000 men raised between December 19 and December 31. The call being for one, two, or three years" men, the Department had assigned the quotas on the following basis:

The 200,000 men called for are considered as 870,000 years of service. There is due to the whole United States credits for extra men and years of service furnished under the call of July and up to the 1st of January, 1865, 488,322 years of service, making the whole number of years assessed on the whole United States under this call 1,358,322 years of service, or, divided by 3, equivalent to 452,774 three-years" men.

The quota of the country of New York is then divided thus: As the enrollment of the whole United States (2,219,922) is to the enrollment of the country of New York (148,154), so is the whole number of years assessed on the whole United States (1,358,322) to the number of years required from the county of New York (90,701). Deducting from the number of years of service required (90,701) the excess of years of service due the county of New York on the 1st of January, 1865 (27,644), leaves years of service due from New York County 63,057, which, divided by 3, gives the number of men deficient by New York County now 21,019, which may be one, two, or three years" men.

We have the honor to state that these deductions from the figures furnished to us were read to General Fry, and to their correctness he assented.

We have since discovered an insignificant error of computation, which makes the result 21,002 instead of 21,019. With this exception, the application of the principles upon which the assignment of quotas is made is correct.

[First indorsement.]

FEBRUARY 5, 1865.

Respectfully referred to the Secretary of War.

The principles and figures upon which the quotas of the city of New York were assigned on the 24th ultimo, and which designate the number of men required, have been already examined by a committee on the part of the Board of Supervisors of New York, who approved of the same, and reported that the revised quotas of January are correct, except that they allege an excessive enrollment.

It is respectfully submitted that it is unnecessary now to inquire into the basis of previous assignments, which have now no practical bearing, when current business requires all the time of the office.