War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1130 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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and more equitably apportion the credits and quotas to the city of New York and the county.

We have to reply to the first clause of the first interrogatory that the principles upon which the quota of the city of New York is assigned have been made known to the committee of the Board of Supervisors by the report made by the sub-committee appointed by them, to which you refer, which report is appended, marked A.

To the second clause of the first interrogatory, "whether the same is to them satisfactory," we have to say that the data furnished us by the annexed report we deemed insufficient. We thought it necessary, in order to show the occasion of the increase of the quotas assigned in January ultimo over those assigned in December, that the figures by which the quotas of December were arrived at should be furnished us in the same manner as the figures for the quotas of January had been. We therefore applied for those figures, and we have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of this morning stating that you had laid the subject before the President and the Secretary of War and received their instructions, and asking that we will excuse you from giving further time to an investigation into the December assignment.

We regret this conclusion from our conviction that only through the publication of the process by which the quotas of our county for December as well as for January were arrived at could our constituents be satisfied that the increased quotas under the last assignment were just. We regret also the delay occasioned by our misapprehension of the opportunity extended to us to examine the records of your office. We now learn for the first time that such opportunity is extended and shall gladly avail ourselves thereof. We desire now to be allowed to copy from the records the enrollment of the remaining Congressional districts of the loyal States, the terms of service, the quotas of July, 1824, the excess or deficiencies, if any, and the quotas assigned January 24, 1865. When we shall be in possession of these figures we shall be able and pleased to answer the remainder of your interrogatories.

The bearer of this will await your reply, and our sub-committee will immediately thereupon proceed to the examination.

We have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servants,






Committee Board of Supervisors County of New York.



The following statement of figures was rendered to your sub- committee by order of the Provost-Marshal-General:

Enrollment of the loyal States......................... 2,219,922

Excess credits on December 31, 1864, after satisfying

all calls previous to December 19, 1864................ 488,322

Call of the President December 19, 1864................. 300,000

Less number of men raised between December 19 and 31... 10,000

Amount called for January 24........................... 290,000