War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1129 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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evening requesting me to furnish you with a tabular statement of the basis and amounts of credits, the enrollment, &c., upon which the assignment of quotas to the several districts embraced in the city of New York, dated December 4, was predicated.

You request me to furnish you with the amount of the "total enrollment of the United States on which was apportioned the quota assigned December 23, 1864-the surplus years of service due to the whole United States; the enrollment of each of the Congressional districts embraced in the city of New York; the aggregate years of service furnished to these several districts; their quotas under the call of July 18 for 500,000; the excess of years of service furnished by the districts respectively; this deficiency or surplus.

As this information pertained exclusively to the quotas that have been abandoned in consequence of their revision as explained to the Board of Supervisors, and as it does in no way affect the quotas of January 24, with which we at present have to deal, I do not see that it would be of any practical utility to go into that subject, has been replaced by that of January.

I have within the last two days extended to you the opportunity to examine the records of this office, and communicated to you the principles upon which the present quotas were assigned and the amount of credit which has been allowed; and having understood from the committee which the Board of Supervisors had designated to make the examination that they were convinced that the quotas of January 24 are correct and just, except that they deem the enrollment to be excessive, to go over the subject of the December assignment would necessitate a further suspension of the current business of one of the most important branches of my office, now requiring constant attention, and would result in inconvenience and hardship to parties from other States, who await the completion of my business with your committee to get information required by their respective localities. Having laid the subject before the President and Secretary of War, and received their instructions to this effect, I beg you will excuse me from giving time to an investigation into the December assignment.

I beg leave, however, to assure you, as stated in my letter of yesterday, that it will give me great pleasure to impart any information at my disposal touching the draft or the business of recruiting.

I am, dient servant,



WASHINGTON, D. C., February 5, 1865.

Brigadier General J. B. FRY,


SIR: We have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of yesterday requesting to the following questions:

First. Whether the principles upon which the quota of the city of New York is assigned have been made known to the Board of Supervisors, and if so, whether the same is to them satisfactory.

Second. Whether these principles have been fairly applied to the city of New York, and whether her full share of credit has been allowed to her by the January assignment.

Third. Whether the Board is advised of any method other than the one adopted which would carry out the law governing the subject