War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1110 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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sundry persons in each sub-district as being over forty-five. Such names were stricken from the rolls in the report of the enrolling officers simply (who were carefully instructed to report no man as being over forty-five unless satisfied of the truth of his statement), without any proof other than the statement of the person enrolled, sustained by the judgment of the enrolling officer.

Believing that these names were removed without proper evidence, it is now proposed to add them again to the lists, notifying the persons that they are so added, that they may furnish the proper affidavits, upon which they will be stricken off. Failing to do this, they will remain upon the enrollment, liable to draft.

I would respectfully ask if the action proposed as above meets your approval.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Commissioner Second Congressional District of Rhode Island.

[First indorsement.]


Washington, D. C., December 10, 1864.

Respectfully returned to Lieutenant Colonel H. Neide, acting assistant provost-marshal-general, at Providence, R. I., with the information that it is the duty of the board of enrollment to add to the enrollment lists the names of all persons liable to draft, who have been omitted by enrolling officers through neglect or otherwise, and to strike off the names of those who have been improperly enrolled.

By command of the Provost-Marshal-General:


Colonel, Veteran Reserve Corps.

[Second indorsement.]


Providence, R. I., December 14, 1864.

Respectfully returned to the commissioner of the Board of Enrollment of the Second District of Rhode Island, who will ask for a session of the Board of Enrollment of his district, and submit to the action of the Board the propriety of these names being placed upon the enrollment, and will be governed in his action by the decision of the Board.


Lieutenant Colonel 13th V. R. C., A. A. P. M. General of Rhode Island.

[Third indorsement.]


Providence, December 17, 1864.

Respectfully forwarded to Brigadier General James B. Fry, Provost-Marshal-General, for instruction.

Pending the action of the Provost-Marshal-General I have ordered the names of all men stricken off the enrollment of this district upon the ipse dixit of the enrolling officer as being over forty- five published upon certain copies furnished the sub-districts for the information of the people; but I desire to know, first, if these names were properly