War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1109 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Upon the indorsement of Colonel N. L. Jeffries, to the effect that "all persons liable to draft, who had been omitted by enrolling officers through neglect or otherwise, should be added," as will be seen, I ordered the commissioner to ask for a session of the Board of Enrollment and submit to them said indorsement of Colonel Jeffries, and then be governed by the decision of the Board of Enrollment.

It was decided to add these names to the rolls so far as to furnish them to His Excellency the Governor to be printed on lists which were then being distributed at the expense of the State, and thus notify the men so added that they must come before the Board of Enrollment and satisfy the Board by their claims to be dropped permanently. The result has shown, as I am informed by the commissioner, that quite a number have failed to appear and will now be added to the proper enrollment of the district.

Upon the second charge made in the communication of His Excellency I would state that the boards of enrollment have been governed, in deciding claims for exemption on the ground of non- residence, by the letter of Colonel N. L. Jeffries, Veteran Reserve Corps, of date of January 9, 1865, a copy of which I have the honor to inclose.

In addition to this I would inclose a copy of an indorsement of Captain George E. Scott, Veteran Reserve Corps, upon a communication of Mr. Coggreshal, commissioner of the Second District of Rhode Island, in which Mr. Coggeshal stated that he had decided not to erase the name of any enrolled men who claimed non-residence unless he furnished evidence that he was enrolled somewhere according to Circular No. 16, decision of Solicitor Whiting.

So far as the cases mentioned by His Excellency the Governor of Rhode Island in which men have gone to the "far West," the "Pacific Coast," &c., are concerned, I am assured by the commissioners of each district that when they are satisfied that a man is a non-resident, and yet that it is impossible for any evidence to be furnished of the fact, they invariably try to do justice both to the United States and to the community affected by the enrollment.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

I have the honor to be, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant Colonel 13th V. R. C., Actg. Asst. Prov. March General


Washington, D. C., February 4, 1865.

A true copy.


Colonel, Veteran Reserve Corps.



Providence, December 5, 1864.

Colonel H. NEIDE,

Actg. Asst. Provost-Marshal-General, Rhode Island:

SIR: In May last, when the revision of the enrollment was made in this State, the enrolling officers reported to this Board the names of