War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1096 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Hays in person on Sunday, the 27th of November, and answered by me on Monday, the 28th of November, agreeing to the proposition with some modifications, which were accepted and created no delay.

The injustice of the statement will be recognized when it is remembered that for more than a year corrections of the enrollment in New York City have been continually invited. A special appeal for this correction was made by circular from my office dated June 25, 1864, and repeated November 15, 1864 (copy herewith*). During this time additions to and deductions from the enrollment lists in New York City were continually being made by officers of this Bureau. The appeal to the people represented by the committee to aid in these corrections received no attention from the committee until the 24th of November, showing that they consumed five months in making a proposition which the Department took but one day to adopt; and furthermore, the committee and the people were at liberty at any time, without special authority from this Department, to correct their enrollments, and in many States this privilege has been fully and advantageously exercised.

Mr. Blunt is doubtless aware that the increase of the quota of New York City results in a considerable degree from his action in claiming an undue proportion of the amount of service due on account of naval credits. His report is calculated not only nt, but it has misled the people of New York who have confided in him to aid in raising soldiers to strengthen the Army and Navy.

The principles pointed out in the letter show the incorrectness of various figures and statements made by Mr. Blunt before the Board of Supervisors.

Without disturbing the manner of determining and distributing the quotas of the districts in the State of New York, the President has ordered that 25 per centrum of the quota in each district in the State be set aside until further orders.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



(Copy of above letter printed and sent February 9, 1865, to all acting assistant provost-marshals-general.)

NEW YORK CITY, February 1, 1865.

Brigadier-General FRY:

General Washburn or myself will be in Washington to confer with you about our quotas Friday evening. Had you not better direct Major Austine to delay announcing to towns till we see you?


Governor of Vermont.


Frankfort, Ky., February 2, 1865.

Brevet Major-General BURBRIDGE,

Commanding District of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.:

GENERAL: In our conversation last night I called your attention very briefly to the subject of the impending draft in Kentucky, and your full concurrence in the views expressed by me leads me to address you further on the subject.


*Circulars Nos. 24 and 39, pp. 452, 935.