War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1091 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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ice of the General Government from this State, and the more consistently and respectfully will we insist upon it since it is deliberately provided for in the laws on the subject and promised to us in the written opinion of the Solicitor of the War Department of August in disposing at that time, by order of the General Government, of the credits then claimed for this State by my predecessor.

I see no objection to your system of adjusting credits on drafted men furnished on the quota under the call for 500,000 men in July last, and carrying the excess, if any, forward to the quota under December 19, 1864, from thus following up that system in all subsequent quotas for men furnished under any call made since the 1st of July, 1864, and giving credits accordingly. But this does not reach the admitted credits due the State previous to that time, nor can I see where we have received any credit for our 35,875 three-years" men on this call for 300,000 men. I am unable to explain it to the people of the State on any understanding I have been able to obtain of the subject. I think it is of the utmost importance in every point of view that such an explanation be given of it as shall, upon principles of equal justice to all the States and a recognition of our own rights, be satisfactory to our people.

General I. N. Haynie, adjutant-general of the State of Illinois, will hand you this letter. He is fully authorized to act for the State in the adjustment of this question. You will find him a frank and candid gentleman, who will appreciate every kindness you may be able to extend to him. I have desired him to make a full statement of the views of the State authorities on the several questions, also to present the probabilities there are for raising the ten regiments of volunteer recruits, and if necessary, to ask for further time to complete their organization.

As the quota of the State was not given until recently, I feel certain we shall not be able to complete the organization before the 1st of March.

I have the honor to remain, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Springfield, January 30, 1865.

General J. B. FRY:

SIR: I have just this p. m. been able to procure the aid of Major-General Palmer in the matters of difference relative to our quota and the distribution thereof. General Palmer, instead of General Haynie, will call on you and will attend to the matter for the State authorities.




Saint Louis, January 30, 1865.

General JAMES B. FRY,

Provost-Marshal-General, Washington, D. C.:

Please give me authority to raise six regiments of infantry for twelve months" service, as indicated in your telegram of the 24th instant.


Governor of Missouri.