War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1079 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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regards the increased term beyond one year are not to be credited on the quota, but are to be left on the same footing that all volunteers were in before the act of 1863.

That is to say, the Government announces that it will take, by its authority, a certain number of men from a certain locality for military service for one year. That is the lawful demand which it will enforce. It pays bounties in case of the localities to facilitate them in complying withhout a compulsorhas made no demand for men to serve for two or three years. The Government receives and pays additional bounties to volunteers for these terms, but in that deals with the man only, and as the increased term of service beyond the one year is not agreed to be rendered in compliance with any demand by the Government, it gives the locality no credit on the quota for it. The Government requires 100,000 men for one year, not a less number of men for a longer term. For a deficiency in the number of volunteers for that term it makes a draft for one year. This is to fill the quota, not more nor less. When the draft has been effected the quota is full; there is neither excess nor deficiency. You see, sir, that the system thus established by law is not without foundation in reason, and can be readily understood.

Sir, you may not have heretofore been apprised of the fact that your subordinates are wholly disregarding the provisions of the act of 24th February, 1864; they are proceeding in open and direct violation of it, and are thus creating naturally great confusion and uncertainty among the people. They announced on the one hand that, although a three-years" man counts only as a one- year's man toward the quota on which he volunteers, yet that he shall be counted as three one-year's men toward the quota on a future call. This is directly in the teeth of the law. On the other hand, they are ciphering out a deficiency on the last call by counting three one-year's men as only equivalent to one three- years" man, which is equally against law.

Thus the quota of Pennsylvania, under the call of the 18th of July last, was filled in accordance with the law by men to serve for not less than one year. The term of service of these men is not yet half expired, and yet your subordinates are threatening a draft to fill an alleged deficiency on that very call, the existence of which they attempt to make out by persisting in their unlawful and unsubstantial theories and calculations.

Our people know that the Government requires more men; they are willing to furnish them, heavy as the burden has become on the industrial population.

Let the requirement be made in the clear, definite shape which the law provides for, and it will be cheerfully complied with; but it is hardly to be tolerated that your subordinates should be permitted longer to pursue the system of substituting for the law and eccentric plan of their own.

Sir, on behalf of the freemen of this Commonwealth, who have always given a cheerful and hearty support to your Government in the prosecution of this war, it is my duty to insist, and I do insist, that you enforce upon your subordinates that obedience to the law which you owe, as well as they and all of us. It is of evil example, it tends to enfeeble, nay, to destroy, the just power of Government that you should suffer your officers to treat with open contempt any acts of Congress, and especially those which you have yourself approved and which regulate a matter of such deep and delicate moment as the enforcing a draft for the military service.