War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1057 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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States Government December 1, 1864, only 900, making a total indebtedness of only 4,236, and leaving an overcharge 1,742 men.

This settlement includes a suspended account of about 1,100 delinquents upon the draft of last July, which I supposed would never be exacted, and 2,344 years excess of service over quota of July, which I hoped would be credited on the present quota. All the above credits and calculations correspond with accounts of Colonel Averill, acting assistant provost-marshal-general for this State.

I would also remark that, taking the votes of the loyal States at the recent Presidential election as a basis, our proportion of 300,000 men would not exceed 3,000.

I should also state that as early as March, 1864, I requested that measures be taken by the Provost-Marshal-General to prevent the departure of enrolled men from Minnesota unless upon special permission from the national or State authorities, and the response induced me to believe that the drafted men who failed to report would be considered and arrested as deserters by the United States Government, and would, therefore, be credited to the State. The heavy contributions already made to the Army, and the constant apprehension of Indian raids by small parties of savages along a frontier of several hundred miles, has so prostrated our people that a demand for 5,978 men would, I fear, dishearten and discourage the most loyal and active supporters of the Government amongst us; and I know that a more faithful and loyal people cannot be found in the Union. I beg that such relief and explanations may be afforded as will remove the apprehensions of our people as to the excessive quota exacted from the State, and encourage the sub-districts to raise their respective quotas by securing voluntary enlistments. In order to a thorough understanding of the matter I respectfully ask, if consistent with the interests of the service, to be informed:

First. Whether the suspended account of July last is now exacted from all the States.

Second. The quota assigned to the respective States on the call of December 19 for 300,000 men (our proportion amounts to nearly one-seventh part of the entire voting population, which if required from all the loyal States would furnish more than half a million of men). I also respectfully call attention to the fact that the Second District, which has thus far furnished the most men and has a less number enrolled than the First District, has been apportioned 3,567 men, while the quota assigned to the First District is 2,411 men.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Governor of Minnesota.


Washington, January 16, 1865.


Saint Louis, Mo.:

I am directed to inform you that the plan submitted in your letter of the 24th ultimo for reorganizing the old cavalry regiments of Missouri by recruitment from the Missouri State Militia is not approved by the War Department.


Assistant Adjutant-General.