War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1042 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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not to be there, and that in consequence thereof our State had to furnish more than its proper quota. Strenuous efforts were immediately put forth and are now being made by the officers of the Government on duty here and by the people to complete this work; but owing to the great extent of territory to be canvassed and the want of means of conveyance in this newly settled country it is yet unfinished. We hope, however, to be able to perfect the rolls by the close of the present month. We did expect to present you these corrected rolls at an earlier date, but for reasons above stated it was impossible to do so. That justice may be done our State in assignment of quotas I would, under the circumstances, respectfully ask that the final quota of Wisconsin, under the late call for 300,000 men, may not be assigned until the corrected rolls are received by you, and that the quota of this State may be assigned upon them as corrected. Allow me to say further relative to quotas that I very much desire when quotas are assigned to this State that some explanation should accompany them. A feeling exists and is gaining ground in the West, and particularly in this State, that the Western States have been called upon to furnish more than their due proportion of men. I do not know that there is any ust reason for this feeling, and if it is without cause know of no way to more fully correct it than by publishing fully the quotas of the different States and sending out full statements and explanations with the quotas. This feeling in this States has been very much increased (and I fear will seriously hinder recruiting in this State) by the late action of the Provost- Marshal-General in assigning the quota under the last call for 300,000 men. The quota sent to this State on call of 300,000 was nearly the same as the quota previously assigned on 500,000, which we supposed was assigned on the same rolls. This fact without explanation has very much started the people and very little has since been done by way of recruiting. I have no doubt the Provost-Marshal-General has made an error in his assignment of this quota, and hope and doubt not it will be so found on investigation and that the proper corrections will be made. I trust at least for the good of the service that this matter will be fully investigated and explained.

I remain, truly, your friend,


Governor of Wisconsin.


Washington, D. C., January 12, 1865.


Secretary of War:

SIR: I have received three petitions or memorials asking the establishment of rules by which associations or clubs may secure their members against military service. They differ somewhat from each other, but are fair types of a large class.

The first is from Willism P. Fogg, on the part of an association in Cleveland, Ohio, and is presented by the Honorable R. P. Spalding, M. C., in which the Secretary of War is asked to direct" that the Provost-Marshal-General so modify the regulations of the last draft as to permit clubs and associations to put in volunteer recruits before the draft who may, after the draft, be credited in place of those who may have been drafted from said associations or clubs."