War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1012 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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be made available toward filling up our old cavalry regiments of volunteers.

Second. The regiments of Missouri cavalry volunteers whose term of service as regiments has expired, or is about to expire, are stationed and composed as follows:

First Regiment Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, Little Rock, Ark., say 600 men.

Third Regiment Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, Little Rock, Ark., sa

Fourth Regiment Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, Memphis, Tenn., say 450 men.

Sixth Regiment Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, Baton Rouge, La., say 500 men.

Seventh Regiment Missouri Cavalry Volunteers, Little Rock, Ark., say 550 men.

It is proposed that these regiments be ordered into the State of Missouri for purposes of reorganization and recruitment out of the Missouri State Militia force, and that an equal number of volunteers, now in the State, be sent to replace them. These regiments are mostly dismounted at the present time, while those which can be sent to replace them have a good mount.

By a judicious selection of officers out of the Missouri State Militia, who shall be given positions in these regiments (as there are plenty of vacancies both of field and company) in accordance with the number of men they recruit.

By the granting of a furlough of twenty days, say, for each man who re-enlists for two years, and of thirty days for three-years" enlistments, as an additional inducement to the ordinary bounties, it is believed that the five regiments above named can be filled with veteran soldiers in time for the spring campaign.

I am fully impressed that the result cannot be accomplished by sending recruiting parties to the State from these regiments. The regiments themselves must be sent here and stationed among the Missouri State Militia regiments. It is natural that the men should wish, in many instances, to enlist under their old officers, and it will be difficult to procure their enlistment upon mere promises that they shall be appointed. Again, the most favorable results would be accomplished by permitting the two forces to serve together for would go far toward encouraging the desired re-enlistments.

When the Missouri State Militia force goes out of service the commander of the Department of the Missouri must undoubtedly call for other troops to fill their places, perhaps at the very time when they cannot be spared form other sections; but if this plan is consummated he will have a veteran force worth twice its number in raw troops. It is of the utmost importance that there should be no delay experienced, provided you are willing to adopt the plan, inasmuch as the nearer the approach of the expiration of each man's term of service the more difficult will it be to procure his enlistment.

I am instructed to ask also that recruiting parties may be sent from the First and Second Missouri Artillery among the Missouri State Militia at the same time, inasmuch as several of the batteries of the former and one of the latter are greatly depleted, and in some instances have not enough men to work a section properly. I earnestly hope that an order may issue in accordance with this proposition immediately. It is proper for me to add that I have written to