War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1008 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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examination and analysis of the money accounts of officers making and rendering returns for public moneys received, expended, and remaining on hand on account of the Quartermaster's Department and of all estimates for public funds.

VI. All communications pertaining to the office of the Quartermaster-General, or relating to the duties thereof, will be addressed to the Quartermaster-General as heretofore; and all official correspondence conducted, or orders issued, by the heads of the several divisions will be by his order or authority. The same rule will apply in the case of other officers who may be assigned to special duty in the office of the Quartermaster- General, or authorized by him to conduct correspondence under his direction and by his orders.


Brevet Major-General and Quartermaster-General.


Washington, D. C., December 23, 1864.

Major R. M. LITTLER,

Actg. Asst. Provost-Marshal-General, Augusta, Me.:

MAJOR: The quota of the State of Maine, under the call of the President for 300,000 men, dated December 19, 1864, is 9,254.

This is the number required under the call after taking into account the credits to which the State is entitled by estimating the number of years of service furnished by one, tow, and three years" men.

The quota of the First District is 2,085, Second District is 1,627, Third District is 1,672, Fourth District is 2,135, Fifth District is 1,735.

The whole number of years of service furnished by each district, and which is to be considered in apportioning the quotas of the sub-districts, is, First, District, 3,761, being and excess of 1,289 years of service over the number of men furnished; Second District, 2,928, being an excess of 855 years of service over the number of men furnished; Third District, 3,835, being an excess of 1,360 years of service over the number of men furnished; Fourth District,----, being an excess of


years of service over the number of men furnished; Fifth District, 4,007, being an excess of 1,510 years of service over the number of men furnished.

In order to equalize this credit it will be added to the quota of the district in gross and distributed among the sub-districts according to the number enrolled in each. This will give the quota of the sub-district increased by the excess in proportion to the number enrolled, but as the number of one, two, and three years" men, respectively, have been furnished without regard to the number enrolled, the provost-marshal will subtract from this gross quota the actual amount of excess of years of service which the subdistrict has furnished.

The inclosed formula is furnished as a rule for assigning quotas to sub-district.

Suppose the quota under the present call in a given district containing eight sub-districts is 1,000 men, and that the quota in that