War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 1007 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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railroad bridges), wharves, and other structures composed in whole or in part of timber, and of all lumber, nails, and hardware for building purposes; and of the hire and commutation of quarters for officers; the hire of quarters for troops; the hire and commutation of quarters for officers; the hire of quarters for troops; the hire of grounds for cantonments or other military purposes, and the repair and care of all buildings and other structures herein mentioned; and of all grounds owned, hired, or occupied for military purposes, except such as are lawfully under the charge of other bureaus of the War Department; and of extra pay to soldiers employed in erecting barracks, or other fatigue duty, under the acts of March 2, 1819, and August, 4, 1854; and of the purchase and supply of heating and cooking stoves for barracks, quarters, hospitals, offices, and store- houses.

The head of the division of military trains and incidental allowances shall have charge of the purchase, procurement, issue, and disposition of all wagons, ambulances, traveling forges, and harness (except such as are furnished by the Ordnance Department); and of all hardware, except as hereinbefore provided; and of all transportation by animal power in the field, at camps, garrisons, posts, depots, and stations; and of the construction and repair of roads other than railroads; and of the compensation of wagon and forage-masters, and of clerks to officers of the Quartermaster's Department; and of the expenses of courts-martial, military commissions, and courts of inquiry; and of mileage and allowances to officers for the transportation of themselves and their baggage when traveling upon duty without troops, escorts, or supplies; and of supplies for prisoners of war and such refugees as the Secretary of War may direct to be temporarily provided for; and of the proper and authorized expenses for the movements and operations of an army not expressly assigned to any other division or department.

The head of the division of inspections shall have charge of all inspections of the Quartermaster's Department; of all reports made by officers assigned to inspection duty, and of reports of proceedings of boards of survey relating to the Quartermaster's Department, analyzing and preserving reports as received, and communicating, through the Quartermaster-General, to the chiefs of the proper divisions such portions of these reports as may be necessary for their information and use; provided, that the officers assigned to inspection duty shall have power not only to report and to point out any errors and abuses which they may discover in the practical operations of the Quartermaster's Department, but to give, by order of the Quartermaster-General, the orders which may be immediately necessary to correct and to prevent a continuance of such abuses or errors; provided further, that all such orders shall be immediately reported to the chief of the inspection division for the approval or otherwise of the Quartermaster-General.

The head of the division of records and correspondence shall have charge of all the returns (except as otherwise herein provided), of all the correspondence, reports, and records received, filed, and preserved in the office of the Quartermaster-General, and of the transmission thereof to the several other divisions of this office and departments of the Government.

V. The assistant quartermaster-general, or officer on duty in the Quartermaster-General's Office, acting in that capacity, in addition to such duties as he may be charged with by the Quartermaster-General, shall, under the direction of the latter, have charge of the