War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0999 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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will be provided for-special instructions to this effect having been issued to superintendents of recruiting service. Such as are proper subjects for enlistment may be forwarded to Washington singly or in small squads. Free transportation will be provided by any provost-marshal. In order that the officer sending the men may receive proper credit he should forward a statement of the number sent at each time, giving the names in full, to the commissary of musters, First Corps, and obtain also from the provost-marshal a statement of the number of men for whom he has provided transportation on said officer's request.

Veterans may be enlisted in the First Corps as substitutes for enrolled men, and principal will be exempt from draft during the period of draft; but such substitutes will not receive the Government bounty. Representative recruits, however will receive the bounty.

Each provost-marshal has been provided with a number of large posters, setting forth the inducement to enlist in the corps, and giving a variety of information. These posters should be conspicuously displayed in the provost-marshal's office or other suitable place.

The legitimate and necessary expense of officers on this duty will be refunded to them when mustered in, on the presentation of proper vouchers. Traveling expenses will not be allowed when transportation can be procured from the provost-marshal's department.

Men sent to draft rendezvous before enlistment should not be placed in close confinement. They should not be placed under any such restraint. Weekly reports, made out on the last day of the week, will be sent to the adjutant-general at these headquarters, giving the number of veterans secured since last report, the disposition made of them, and mentioning any obstacles to success, especially such as may arise from neglect on the part of officers intrusted with any duty in connection with the organization of this corps.

By order of Major-General Hancock:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Washington, December 19, 1864.

Every officer and soldier capable of duty is wanted in the field, and if not on duty, they are ordered to their respective organizations.

All provost-marshals and boards of enrollment are instructed to employ the most diligent exertions in forwarding soldiers to the front, and arresting deserters, shirkers, and all fit for duty who are absent without proper authority.

Surgeons in charge of hospitals are directed to send forward all who are fit for service, taking care, however, not to expose any who are unfit.

Recruiting officers are enjoined to diligence, and those who are found guilty of neglect or useless the Adjutant-General is directed to recall immediately and send to their commands.

Every effort must be put forth to fill up the ranks, strengthen the armies, and aid the patriotic and gallant troops now smiting the reeling enemy with victorious blows.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.