War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0968 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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two years" service by exhibiting his discharge, or, in the necessary absence of that paper, by presenting such other evidence as the provost-marshal may require.

No person will be forwarded until he has satisfied the provost- marshal that he is acting in good faith, with a view to enlistment. In case of doubt as to his physical fitness, he will not be forwarded until he shall have been certified to be fit by the surgeon of the Board of Enrollment, which certificate shall be retained by the provost-marshal, and a copy forwarded to the Adjutant-General by the provost-marshal.

Surgeons of the Board of Enrollment shall examine any applicant sen to them by the provost-marshal, and give a certificate as to his fitness for military service, and any surgeon refusing or neglecting to make such examination will be dismissed.

Provost-marshals will be prepared to furnish qualified applicants promptly with information and with transportation.

Any person falsely representing himself as a recruit, and as designing to enlist in the First Army Corps, and failing to offer himself as such recruit, or by any means fraudulently procuring transportation, shall be deemed guilty of defrauding the Government, and will be punished by court-martial or military commission.


II. All enlistments, and musters will be made at the rendezvous near Washington, by the corps commissary of musters and his assistants, specially assigned to that duty, and in accordance with the Recruiting and Mustering Regulations of the Army.

Recruits will be credited to the district in which they or their families are domiciled. As evidence of place of domicile, the affidavit of the recruit will be required. If it shall subsequently be ascertained that the place of domicile has not been correctly given, the credit will be taken from the place to which it was erroneously assigned, and transferred to the proper placed of domicile of the recruit.

Credits will be reported as for an army corps in the field, and as directed in Circular Numbers 52, current series, from this office.


III. The organization of the corps will be by successive regiments- that is, one regiment must be fully recruited before another one is commenced. Each regiment will be recruited in like manner by successive companies.

The organization of regiments and companies must conform to that prescribed for the infantry arm by paragraph 82, Mustering Regulations.


IV. Applicants for appointments as officers will address and forward their applications, in writing, to the "Adjutant-General of the Army, Washington, D. C.."

At least two years" service will be necessary, and the applicant must give his military history in full, embracing therein as follows:

1. Date of original entry into service.

2. Regiment or organization in which services have been rendered.

3. Rank at date of entry into service.