War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0942 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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men of their command. No armaments will be required on the overcoats, hats, or forage, caps; nor will sashes or epaulettes be required.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

HARRISBURG, November 25, 1864.


President of the United States:

Our people are excited by a rumor that three States have offered to return to their allegiance. Is it true?


WASHINGTON CITY, November 25, 1864.

Governor CURTIN,

Harrisburg, Pa.:

I have no knowledge, information, or belief that three States, or any State, offer to resume allegiance.




Washington, D. C., November 25, 1864.

The following order are published for the information of all officers and persons employed by the Quartermaster's Department in connection with U. S. military railways, viz:


Louisville, Ky., October 19, 1863.


1. That John B. Anderson be appointed general manager of all railways on the possession of the Government, or that may from time to time be taken possession of by military authority, in the Departments of the Cumberland, the Ohio, and the Tennessee, with full powers to appoint such officers, agents, and employes, and provide such equipments, tools, and materials as may be necessary, and to make all needful regulations the prompt working of the several lines of road committed to his charge. All officers, agents, and employes connected therewith shall be under his general direction and control, subject to the approval of the Quartermaster-General.

2. That the general manager of railways in the Departments of the Cumberland, the Ohio, and the Tennessee shall have full power and authority to make requisitions upon all railways in his departments for the use of such equipments, tools, materials, and employes from time to time as in his judgment may be necessary to reconstruct lines and to transport forces and supplies for the Government.

3. He shall have authority to transport such property and persons as may be authorized by the general commanding the departments for such rates of transportation and under such contracts and regulations as may be approved by the Quartermaster-General.

4. Officers of the Quartermaster's Department shall be designated by the Quartermaster-General to receive all moneys collected or due for transportation, or that may be derived from the sale of condemned Government property belonging to the railway branch of the service, and from other sources. To the officers so designated all conductors, agents, and officers shall report daily the receipts of moneys collected, and pay the same to them, taking receipts thereof in such form as the general manager may prescribe. Said officers of the Quartermaster's Department shall disburse the funds so received, and provide other funds when necessary to pay the vouchers of the Railway Department, when duly certified by the general manager or railways and by the proper auditor of the Railway Bureau for his department.