War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0919 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Washington, D. C., November 4, 1864.


Detroit, Mich.:

You are hereby authorized by the Secretary of War to raise a regiment of volunteer infantry for twelve-months" service, unless sooner discharged. The recruitment, organization, and musters must conform with existing regulations. So soon as the regiment or any part of it is organized it will be reported to Major- General Hooker, or the department commander, for duty under him until further orders, Bounties will be paid under Circular Numbers 27 from this office.

J. B. FRY,


DETROIT, MICH., November 4, 1864.

His Excellency the GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN:

GOVERNOR: In consideration of the number of outlaws and sympathizers in Canada, and the exposed condition of the frontier, and the very limited number of troops to guard it, I deemed it prudent to call on the Secretary of War give you authority to raise a regiment of volunteers for twelve months, unless sooner discharged, for service in the State, intending to post them along Detroit River at such points as their services were most needed.

In order that you may be fully advised in regard to the matter I inclose herewith a copy of my telegram, and also of the reply from the Secretary of War.* I deemed it very important to the interests of your State that the regiment should be raised and equipped ready for service before the river is frozen over, and have no doubt you will coincide with me in this opinion, and will do all in your power to hasten the formation if the regiment. It is expected that the regiment will be raised and mustered into service in conformity with the laws now in force on the subject. I need not tell you that I am deeply anxious to have it offered by experienced and capable officers, as I hope to be able to make it a regiment which will reflect credit on your gallant State and be of great service to it in time of need. Its honor and material interest will, in a great measure, be instructed to their care. In view of the election I have thought proper to order 200 drafted men here from Jackson, and shall send the little steamer in the Government employ, with a small detachment of men, up the river to-morrow as far as Port Huron, the men to go ashore and remain there until the polls are closed. These dispositions, I trust, will prevent any irregularity at the polls at the points at which it is apprehended. I regret that I have no time to visit you in Jackson.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.


Washington, D. C., November 5, 1864.


Chicago, Ill.:

Dispatch of this date received in relation to certain drafted men who have failed to report. You say: "Is it right to treat such men


* See p. 918.