War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0899 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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direction of Brigadier General Robert Allen, senior quartermaster in the Valley of the Mississippi, he has been the principal disbursing and financial officer of the department.

He reports that he has received by transfers from other officers and by direct remittances from the Treasury during the year, and for sales of property, $34,615,582.45; he has disbursed or transferred to other officers for disbursement, $34,559,855.26, leaving on hand 30th of June, 1864, $55,727.19.

His duties have been discharged with rare ability and intelligence, and to the entire approbation of his superior officers.

An New York Major S. V. Vliet, quartermaster, has had charge of the operations of the Quartermaster's Department not relating to the purchase and supply of clothing and equipage.

The provision of other supplies to be shipped to troops in the field or in camp (excepting forage, which, for the greater portion of the year, has been under the direction of an officer specially assigned), the line of men to be sent to the various depots on the coast, the transportation by rail or water of troops and supplies passing through New York, and the charter of steamers and vessels for the movement of stores of all kinds, and for the outfit of military expeditions, the erection of numerous hospitals, and barracks, have been, at this point, under charge of this officer, who has labored steadily and with success at his post, and deserved the approbation of the department. His financial statement shows the receipt and expenditure or distribution of $16,998,682.

At Philadelphia, Captain A. Boyd, assistant quartermaster, as assistant quartermaster to Colonel Crossman, was charged with the duties of transportation and the purchase of regular quartermasters" stores.

Upon this office also was devolved the duty of directing the shipment of coal the supply of the steam transports in the service of the department and the erection of hospitals and barracks in the vicinity of Philadelphiand f-five thousand three hundred and seventy-six tons of anthratic coal have been shipped from this depot during the fiscal year. His receipts and expenditures during the year amounted to $8,050,010.

Captain James A. Eikin, now colonel in the Quartermaster's Department, had charge, during the early part of the year, of the depot at Indianapolis, where his ability and steady devotion to duty were so signal, that he was transferred to the charge of the quartermaster's department of the Cavalry Bureau and depot in this city, and on the reorganization of the Quartermaster- General's Office was placed at the head of the division for the supply of horses and mules to the Army. This officer reports that while depot quartermaster at Indianapolis, and while chief quartermaster of the Cavalry Bureau, he supplied during the fiscal year to the Army 62,450 horses and 1, 400 mules.

His receipts and expenditures and transfers of money to other officers have amounted to nearly $12,000,000.

Of the great depot at Nashville I have spoken in another part of this report. It has been, since 1st of November, 1862, under the charge of Lieutenant Colonel (now Brigadier General) J. L. Donaldson.

The depot at Louisville has been under the immediate supervision of Brigadier General Robert Allen, whose duties and services have been also noticed in the former part of this report.

The depot at Baltimore was organized by Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Donaldson, and after his transfer to Nashville was placed in charge of Captain