War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0735 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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that a direct appeal be made to them by the Government to re- enter service for one year, to take part in the closing scenes of the rebellion. To secure the services of these valuable men strong inducements should be held out, such as the Government's direct appeal, their organization into a special corps, made attractive by a uniform peculiar to it, and by badges and a distinctive name, by a high bounty, and by a distinguished, competent, and popular general as commander.

The following points are proposed for consideration, viz:

First. That the direct appeal to them be made by Generals Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan, and the call be indorsed and announced by the President.

Second. That when recruited they be organized into an army corps, composed of the different arms of service, to be called the "Veteran Legion" (or some more suitable name), Veteran Corps d"Armee.

Third. That Major-General Hancock be announced as commander of the "Veteran Legion" and ordered to enter upon its recruitment and organization.

Fourth. The officers to be selected and appointed by the War Department, on applications made through the commander of the Legion. Two years" service during the present war and satisfactory recommendations from superior officers to be essential conditions for a commission. The appointment to be conditional upon the completion and muster in of the companies and regiments of which the officers are to form part. When an organization is complete and is mustered in the officers to be entitled to rank and pay from date of appointment.

Fifth. The men to be enlisted for one, two, three years, as they may elect, and to go into the some arm, of service in the Legion that they belonged to before discharged from the Army, no man being enlisted unless he has served for two years during the present war and been honorably discharged.

Sixth. A bounty of $1,000 to be paid to every man who is mustered into the Legion-$500 of the same being paid at the time of muster in $500 at the time of muster out by expiration of service, or when discharged on account of wounds received in action. In case of death while in service the residue of the man's bounty unpaid to be paid to his widow, if he shall have left a widow; if not, to his children, or if there be none, to his mother if she be a widow. The bounty to be paid from the communication fund already specially appropriated by Congress.

Seventh. The uniform to be as follows, viz:

For officers: (Consult General Hancock).

For enlisted men: (Consult General Hancock and Quartermaster- General.)

Eighth. Every officer and enlisted man of the Legion to wear an appropriate medal or badge to be provided by the War Department.

(Consult General Hancock about the style of it.)

Ninth. The troops to be armed with the choicest weapons at the disposal of the War Department, and every soldier who carries the same rifle, musket, carbine, pistol sword, or saber from his entry into the Legion until his discharge from the same as his personal property.

Tenth. The men to be credited to such localities (within the States to which they belong) as they may selected and designate at the time of muster into service, and to receive such local or State bounties as may be offered to them.