War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0726 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Governor John Gregory Smith, Brattleborough, Vt.; Governor J. A. Andrew, Boston, Mass.; Governor J. Y. Smith, Providence, R. I.; Governor W. A. Buckingham, Hartford, Conn.; Governor Joel Parker, Trenton, N. J.; Governor A. G. Curtin, Harrisburg, Pa.; Governor A. W. Bradford, Annapolis, Md.; Governor William Cannon, Dover, Del.; Governor A. I. Boreman, Wheeling, W. Va.; Lieutenant- Governor Willard P. Hall, Jefferson City, Mo.; Governor O. P. Morton, Indianapolis, Ind.; Governor Richard Yates, Springfield, Ill.; Governor Austing Blair, Lansing, Mich; Governor William M. Stone, Des Moines, Iowa; Governor James T. Lewis, Madison, Wis.; Governor Stephen Miller, Saint Paul, Minn.)


Washington City, D. C., September 15, 1864.


Detroit, Mich.:

Your telegram of yesterday to the Secretary of War has been referred to me for answer. My telegram of 30th of August to Colonel Hill only urged that volunteering be kept up after the 5th of September; it gave no authority for drafted men to enlist as volunteers. It would not be in accordance with law and regulations to recognize an enlistment on the part of a man after he is legally drafted for service, nor would it be legal or proper to allow him U. S. bounty. If men could volunteer and receive bounty after being drafted, they would be less likely to volunteer before, and the recruiting service would suffer. Again, if men wait to be drafted, they should be assigned to old regiments, and not new ones. This is the established law of the Department.



CONCORD, N. H., September 15, 1864.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

We have ten companies of heave artillery full and organized. Six of them have gone forward. The Eleventh and Twelfth are filling up fast. Can you give us authority to organize these companies into a regiment and appoint field officers immediately? We shall be full by Saturday night.



SPRINGFIELD, ILL., September 16, 1864.

His Excellency A. LINCOLN.

Honorable E. M. STANTON.

General J. B. FRY:

The total deficiency against this State for all calls was 13,440 on the 1st of this month, and yet the assistant provost-marshal- general here informs me that he is instructed to draft by sub- districts for the total deficiency of such sub-districts. Such deficiency was 28,058 on the 1st of this moth, or more than double the balance against us as a