War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0725 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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The number remaining to be furnished after the examinations are completed will be reduced by authorized credits known up to the time of commencing the supplementary draft for the decency.

The draft will then be made for this deficiency and 100 per centrum in addition, and will be continued and governed by the same principles as hereinbefore stated, until the entire quota is filled.

If any drafted men, after having been notified to appear at the designated time and place, fail to do so, you will see that they are at once arrested and bought to the district headquarters as deserters.

If it is found necessary and proper by the Board of Enrollment in any instance to permit drafted men to be absent after they have reported and been examined, such absence shall not exceed five days.

If the quota of any sub-district shall be entirely filled by volunteers after the draft, but before the derated men are sent to general rendezvous, then the person drafted will be excused.

Volunteers will be accepted and counted on the quota as well as drafted men until it is filled; and when thus filled, and before the drafted men shall have been sent to the general rendezvous, for every additional volunteer mustered in a drafted man will be excused, the persons to be excused being taken from the bottom of the list of those drafted, in the reverse order in which they were drawn; but in no instance will a substitute be exonerated or excused.

Qualified substitutes may be furnished by drafted men up to the time they are forwarded from the general rendezvous.

Local authorities may furnish qualified substitutes for drafted men up to the same period and designate the persons for whom the substitution is made.

You will require district provost-marshals to forward to this office by mail each evening the "Daily report of the state of the draft" for that day, which report will be made upon printed forms furnished from this office.

In order to secure the prompt execution of the draft, you will be held responsible for a strict compliance with the instructions contained in this communication and the regulations of this Bureau on this subject.

You will see that all officers and employed of this Bureau attend diligently and faithfully to the discharge of their duties, and from this time until the quotas of districts have been filled that they perform their duties without regard to hours.

Please acknowledge receipt of this communication.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Washington, D. C., September 15, 1864.

The draft is ordered to commence in Maine on Monday, the 19th of September.



(Operation will send same dispatch to the following, substituting the State that the dispatch is to: Governor J. A. Gilmore, Concord, N. H.;