War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0710 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Provost-Marshal-General has been directed to lose no time in that work. it is represented that the first recruits were a hard lot, but that recently the volunteers are equal to any that have taken the field during the war. The local authorities have [bee] slack in paying their bounties and this has occasioned some delay. I would be glad if you would send me a telegram for publication during the necessity of immediately filling up the Army by draft. The worst difficulty is likely to be in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, from the desire of candidates to retain their men until after the election. We have not got a single regiment from Indiana. Morton came here specially to have the draft postponed, but was peremptorily refused. But the personal interest to retain men until after the election requires every effort to procure troops in that State, even by draft.

Illinois is much the same way. Not a regiment or even company there has been organized. A special call from you would aid the Department in overcoming the local inertia and personal interests that favor delay.


Secretary of War.

ATLANTA, GA., September 11, 1864.


Secretary of War:

I understand the paymaster are already at Nashville, prepared to come forward as soon as funds are provided. I have your dispatch of to-day [10th] and suggest that payments to officers and men be made in great part in checks on New York. I feel satisfied that this would save a great deal of risk and trouble to the United States as well as the Army. The money would not be endangered in transit either way. One-tenth or one-eighth in money, and the balance in credits on New York or the North, would satisfy this army, and would save the soldiers" families several millions of dollars, and save much gambling and waste of pay. All a paymaster would want would be a check book and enough greenbacks for change in special cases.




Washington, D. C., September 12, 1864.

To all Acting Assistant Provost-Marshal-General, except Oregon, California, Kansas, and General Hays:

Commence the draft on Monday, the 19th instant, beginning as far as practicable in those deficient districts and sub-districts where ther is the least volunteering going on.

The quota of every sub-district under the present call must be filled, and the draft will be continued until it is so filled either by volunteering or drafting.



(Copies to Captain J. C. Putnam, Washington; Colonel Wisewell, Washington, and General Augur, Washington, September 14, 1864.)