War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0701 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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sub-districts have been made by the district provost-marshals of the State.

Prior to November, 1863, mustering officers were not required to enter upon their muster-in rolls the residence of volunteers, and therefore no account has been kept by the War Department with towns or counties for volunteers furnished by the State prior to that time. We understand, however, that the State records show an account with counties, and that the assistant provost-marshal of the State has, since the 1st of October last, kept an account with towns and wards, and the distribution or apportionment of credits furnished prior to 1st of July last has been made of credits of counties pro rate among the different sub-districts and for volunteers furnished since October 1, 1863. The apportionment has been made specifically to such sub-district according to the residence of the volunteers. In the absence of other date, this mode of distribution is believed to be just.

The most, if not all, the district provost-marshals in the State, however, have, in making sub-districts, included in many cases two or more ownships in the same sub-district, thus compelling, in case of draft, towns which have almost exhausted their arms- bearing population by previous volunteering to take their chances with other towns in the same sub-districts which had not furnished their just proportion.

Another serious complaint, and especially in the First District, is that the enrollment is undoubtedly erroneous in placing upon the lists hundreds and thousands of persons not liable to military duty and their not affording proper facilities for correcting the same.

Under this state of things we earnestly recommend, as a matter of the greatest political importance, that if a draft is still insisted upon in this State, the same be postponed thirty days, and that in the meantime a day be fixed and published by the provost-marshal-general of the State, on or before which the enrollment list may be corrected, and that every facility be given by said marshals for such corrections.

We understand that the enrollments have been taken by towns, and we therefore recommend that the provost-marshals be required to reduce their sub-districts to towns and wards, and that a redistribution of the credits of the county be made by towns under the direction of the acting provost-marshal-general of this State, and that he be required to give credits to towns in all cases for such volunteers as may appear to have been furnished by such towns, only adopting the pro rata principle of distribution when absolutely necessary. We verily believe that by the application of the above or similar measures of relief the balance of the deficit against the Stated may be raised by volunteering; but in case this should not be done and a draft be made, we respectfully protest that such draft shall not be made for a greater number than the deficit against the State. That deficit, as before stated, was on the 1st of July only 16, 184, including quota under call of July 18, 1864. The amount of deficits by counties, however, was 27,024, and the total deficits by sub-districts was 29,797. To draft, therefore, for the total deficits of sub-districts would be calling for 13,615 more than is due against the State, and in our judgment would be such injustice that our friends could not justify it, and would result in our sure defeat in this State in the political canvass now pending.

Protesting that our object in presenting this subject to your most serious consideration is to withhold no just claims of the Government